Womanizer Pro 40 Vs Satisfyer Pro 2


Just a quick post to help you decide between the Womanizer Pro 40 and the Satisfyer Pro 2. Strength and quality wise there’s not much in it, although the sensation is subtly different. I prefer the Satisfyer but I don’t think it will be the same for everyone so I’ve made this (hopefully) helpful chart to compare the two!

FUN FACT – The Satisfyer is more likely to get me to orgasm (100% track record) whereas the Womanizer is more likely to make me squirt – a new and interesting trend since previous squirts have only been achieved through G-spot stim.





Waterproof Yes, but I wouldn’t put much faith in the silicone charging flap/plug. Yes, I submerge this all the time without any problems.
Charging Easy plug in charger. Slightly temperamental magnetic charger.
Ease of use Easy to move about the settings with the (+) and (-) buttons. Hard to locate the right buttons during use. Have to cycle through the settings in order (lowest to highest then back again from highest to lowest).Easy to find and press the large buttons.
Design Simple inoffensive design (although it does also come in pink if you prefer to offend your eyeballs). Doesn’t fit the hand as comfortably as the Satisfyer and buttons aren’t conveniently placed. Simple inoffensive design. Outer coating scratches and marks easily. Nice to hold in the hand, buttons conveniently placed on the back.
Heads Get two different silicone heads. Firm with a slim outer rim, one provides very pinpoint sensation. Slightly uncomfortable to use. Need plenty of lube. Only one head. Silicone is very smooth and soft, head is thicker. Provides a very comfy fit, don’t ‘need’ lube.Harder to clean.
Sensation Ten settings, starts off weakly but gets very powerful by the last few settings. Similar overall strength but harsher feeling delivery. Seven speeds, starts pretty strongly and gets slightly stronger as you progress up the levels. Similar in overall strength but feels slightly gentler on your clit.
Noise The Womanizer Pro is slightly quieter on all but the last setting, by which point they are as loud as each other. Satisfyer is much noisier before applying to your body but only slightly louder once a seal is achieved.
Extras Extra head. 2 year warranty. N/A
Price Roughly £70-90 Roughly £50-70


To see a comparison of all the Satisfyer’s, check out my Satisfyer comparison post.