Womanizer Pro 40 Clitoral Stimulator Review 7/10

The Womanizer Pro 40 (not a great start to any sentence) is the newest model in a line of “game changing” clitoral toys that stimulate but DON’T VIBRATE. Its successors were renowned for being powerful, expensive, and glaringly obnoxious in design. This so called ‘pared down’ version of the Womanizer puts itself in direct competition with the cheap and cheerful Satisfyer Pro 2 – a very suspiciously similar toy that made its way onto the market this year.

Womanizer Pro 40

Changes from the original Womanizer

For the Pro 40 version they’ve finally gotten rid of the overly tacky designs, made it cheaper and its now waterproof. The only thing they forgot to do with this new revamped model is change the name to anything other than Womanizer! I jest (mostly) – I totally get that they have built a brand on the name and its easily recognizable now, hindsight’s a bitch right?

What comes in the packaging

Inside the box you’ll find the toy itself (and the award for stating the obvious goes to Gyn), a usb charging cable,  plug, instruction leaflet and a spare silicone head.  Unlike previous models the Pro40 doesn’t come with a storage bag, something I have to confess I won’t be losing any sleep over. *grumbles grumpily* Storage bags smorage bags…

How it works

The Womanizer Pro 40 has ten settings, which is two more than the previous Womanizer Pro model has so I am left wondering why exactly this one is referred to as the paired down model – from what I hear it can only be that the overall strength is weaker on this one than on previous models. There’s one button for turning the Pro 40 on and off, and two buttons with (+) and (-) symbols to change the intensity. I really like the functionality this allows for because quite frankly, having to cycle through all the settings again because I overshot the one I like is infuriatingly annoying.

Control Buttons

The first setting is like the miniscule air pressure you’d feel if a butterfly was fluttering its wings for take-off on your clit. It’s barely noticeable and not even slightly stimulating. Luckily things do get better from here. The last few settings are more than enough for me and the increments will be great for those who find the stronger sensations overwhelming.

The push/pull of air inside the nozzle is what causes the stimulation – referred to as ‘pleasure air technology’ on the box. it’s very different to vibrations in that the sensation is traveling through the air and nothing is actually physically touching your clit. The toy doesn’t actually suck your clit and there is no real firm-suction holding the silicone head to your vulva, just the light seal made when you rest the head against you.

Sensation caused by this type of stimulation has no numbing effects unlike vibrations so its very very intense and just gets more so! Some people see this as a positive, I actually really struggle with my clit getting over sensitive after orgasm, so a little numbing from a vibrator actually helps me to carry on. With the Womanizer its either impossible for me to do so or just flaming uncomfortable.

The material

The silicone that both the Womanizer heads are made from is harder and rougher when compared to the silky soft silicone on the Satisfyer. The smaller silicone head attachment feels very pinpoint, which I normally dig’ but not in this case. The Womanizer heads have thinner rims and for me they don’t rest as comfortably around my clit. The Satisfyer’s far softer silicone head, comfier style with the wide rim, helps maintain constant contact whereas the womanizer heads definitely benefit from use in conjunction with lots of lube to create a ‘seal’.

How best to use it

You have to keep the Womanizer still, any moving around will remove the seal between your vulva and the head, killing off the sensation. I’m afraid that this toy just works best with a ‘lie back and think of England’ approach.

Whilst it’s hard to get used to not really being a participant in your own orgasm build up, its also quite freeing, I’m not a great multi tasker and although my favourite way to get off is with a dildo and clit vibe combination, that involves both hands and a lot of thrusting. The Womanizer on the other hand just sits there and does its thing, the less effort on your behalf the better. I get to continue being a lazy wanker, cause penetrable toys mean effort, warm up, lube… I’ve found that more often than not these days I do actually just resort to clit stim alone to orgasm and the Womanizer fits into that trend quite well.



When comparing this version of the Womanizer to the Satisfyer I have to say it’s a super close call, there is really not much difference in strength once you get to the highest settings but the sensation is notably different.  I’ve compared all Satisfyer’s here.  Its hard to explain but the sensations from the Satisfyer certainly feel smoother, broader and better to me. The Womanizer on the other hand feels slightly harsher, more pinpoint and yet less refined in its execution. The heads of both toys also feel very different and I think its going to vary wildly depending on the person (and vulva) as to which feels best. In all honestly, I do reach for the Satisfyer more than the Womanizer, but if I lost the Satisfyer I’d be (sort of) happy to carry on with the Womanizer.

Wrapping up

Its hard to know for sure if the makers of Womanizer listened, considered and acted on the suggestions of the many bloggers who had pointed out the original Womanizer’s flaws or if they were simply forced into action by the arrival of other waterproof toys sporting the same tech for almost half the price. Either way I’m so happy they’ve made the revisions they have with this model, because they’ve now made a toy that’s affordable and I feel I can get behind.

The final Pro in the Womanizers favour is the two-year product warranty if it breaks. Alternatively if you buy it through Lovehoney you get one year to return it for whatever reason you like. That’s a pretty damn good reason to give it a try, right?

This product was sent to me free of charge by Lovehoney – this does not in any way affect my review process, all opinions are always my own.