We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection


The We-Vibe Passionate Play collection includes a bullet vibrator you’ve probably heard of; the Tango – often renowned as the best bullet on the market. It also includes the We-Vibe 4 Plus – a ‘couple’s vibrator’ that can be worn by a vulva owning person during penetration. Now I do happen to sit on the fence rolling my eyes sceptically at most ‘couples vibrators’ but the urge to ‘wear’ a vibrator during sex convinced me it was worth checking out.

I picked myself up a LIMITED EDITION version with the super cute light blue We-vibe 4+ and a pearly white Tango (The Tango usually comes in a dark blue or a bright yucky-pink). The storage box is gorgeous and neatly contains; both toys, a remote for the Couples vibrator, a magnetic charger for the Tango, a docking style charger for the We-Vibe 4+, silky storage pouch, silky sash and an instruction manual.


Let’s start with the easy bit. The Tango. It’s fucking great. I mean it, this thing is a stick of CLITORAL DYNAMITE! And just like most explosions, after orgasming with the Tango I sometimes get these pleasantly odd clitoral aftershocks, where my clit throbs/pulses hard for up to five minutes after I’ve switched it off. It’s pretty damn amazing.

The Tango’s size is average for a bullet. The shape isn’t revolutionary either but the angled lipstick-style tip is handy to slightly modify position, pressure and articulation of the bullet on your genitals. The Tango fits well into almost all my toys that have bullet holes in them. I’m actually tempted to take all my dildos that have frustratingly small un-tango-able-holes up the firing range and put REAL bullet holes in them.

The Tango is fully waterproof, so ultimately, joyously… it just had to have a magnetic charger. Its pants. You can’t move an inch whilst in the same room as a charging Tango without running the risk of the cable spontaneously leaping off. On the upside once you’ve completed mission impossible and fully charged the Tango it does seem to last a heck of a long time. It also doesn’t have that annoying habit of other vibrators **Side-eyes the Denia** where they run their own battery flat in your drawer so when you come to use it you’re left sad, alone and vibration-less.

The Tango has EIGHT modes all controlled by a single button on the base. It has four strengths starting on the lowest and graduating to OH-MY-FUCK-town. It also has four patterns, the first two I actually like (HONESTLY), I believe they are called ‘Tease’ and ‘Wave’. I’ve never got-off on an oscillating pattern before now but these bring me to orgasm a little more gently than the standard modes.

The strength behind the Tango is phenomenal; it’s strong, it’s rumbly, it’s a sex toy missile aimed and locked on to your pleasure zones. Its plastic coating and lack of silicone or surface mass mean the vibrations don’t disperse and soften like on the We-vibe Touch. It makes for a far harder vibration type that can take a little while to get used to.

The Tango has a Low-Power alert function, basically it flashes orange at the base but only when the Tango is switched off – so it still could die unexpectedly on you mid-play. Having said that once I notice the orange light it does work as a handy reminder that toys actually need charging. I’ve owned my Tango for four months now and only charged it twice – Not sure if this is excellent battery life or just shows how little time it needs to be switched on for before I’m spent, either way the less I have to use that infernal charger the better.

The Tango is supposed to be whisper quiet but that’s obviously a measurement that is entirely dependent on the individual. You can certainly hear the Tango if you’re sharing a room with it, but it can be muffled by a thick duvet. I’m pretty sure hearing the Tango’s motor now causes a Pavlovian response in me because I certainly dribble like one of Pavlov’s dogs when it’s around.

I have very strong feels for this bullet vibe, in fact I’d go as far as to say it’s the only bullet that I’ve ever truly rated. C wouldn’t believe my claim of an under two minute orgasm time, until that is, I tucked it behind his balls during a hand job. He gets it now. If you like pinpoint stimulation and small vibrators that you can easily make room for during partnered play, the Tango is your Vibe.

Small but mighty, simple yet utterly effective, the stimulation provided by the Tango might be a little harsh for some, especially since the vibe itself is solid, but for me it’s hands down the quickest way to get off. Sure the easiest orgasm isn’t always the best one, but who always has the time or the energy for a drawn-out ‘sensual’ session? Sometimes only a quick wank will do, and it’s those occasions that the Tango truly shines.

You can buy the Tango on its own for roughly £55 depending on where you shop, it may seem a little expensive but if you bite the bullet (Please not literally – poor Tango) and splash the cash, you will probably not be left disappointed!

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is a slightly more complicated creature. Couples vibes are notoriously difficult to get right. It doesn’t have to fit one body, it has to suit two and it doesn’t have to please one person, it has to pleasure two. They also tend to only be designed with hetero-couples in mind. Which kinda sucks.

The We-Vibe 4 + is off to a good start though; firstly it’s made by We-Vibe who lovingly brought us the Tango, secondly it’s a tried and tested revision from a line of semi-successful predecessors. So bearing all that in mind, how bad could it really be?

Well for starters, this vibe doesn’t share the Tango’s truly awesome motor, ‘why the hell not?’ you should be muttering to yourself right now. Alas I was determined to continue, desperate in my quest to find a vibe that I could wear during sex. Since dick is my favourite thing and vibrations come a very close second, I wanted to finally… seamlessly, enjoy the best of both worlds.

The 4+ is waterproof but it’s got a charging dock instead of a magnetic charger, can I get an amen? The Silicone is silky smooth but not seamless… tut-tut. There’s a single button to switch the vibe on and change the modes. You can also use either the included remote to wirelessly command the vibe or get the We-connect App. There are extra patterns when you control the vibe this way, with 10 different modes in total.

I get about three foot of use on the controller before it disconnects, which is more than enough for changing patterns mid sex. The phone app uses Bluetooth, it has an even better range (four foot) and allows for some customisation. You can change the intensities of both motors independently on any pattern and create a playlist of your favourite ones. The app also tells you how much battery is left in the toy which is a pretty nifty little function.

So how does it fit? Quite simply really, with a little lube the internal arm slips inside you and the bulk of the vibe sits over your clitoris, you might need to do some flap re-adjusting… just saying. It can feel a little tight to begin with but it does stretch a bit. It also tends to feel like it’s about to push itself out, but that’s only happened to me once so far when I did some experimental star-jumps (for science).

So what are those vibrations like solo? Well picture a child who’s just been told they can’t eat their Halloween candy until they tidy their room. That was my pouty face when I turned the 4+ on. The vibrations just aren’t much of anything, they’re not completely weak or completely buzzy, but they do feel… kinda shallow. Boring even.

The internal arm is completely un-orgasm worthy, it’s not long or shaped well enough to stimulate my g-spot, so the vibrations might as well be on my forearm for all I care about, or notice them. The clitoral one sits perfectly for me and on a good day, when Chris sucks my nipples and gropes my ass, I might, maybe reach orgasm.

So talking of Chris, how well does the 4+ share room inside me with his above average penis? Well… it’s not impossible, it’s just not overly comfortable. There is certainly no pain, but it adds to sensations in a weird WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING DOWN THERE kinda way. Having actual energetic sex is quite out of the question, it’s just… in the way. Yet I can’t comfortably grind against him either.

To notice vibrations during sex I NEED them to be strong, and the We-Vibe 4+ just isn’t strong enough. Chris does seem to enjoy the vibrations from the clitoral arm but he’s NEVER actually cum whilst we’ve been using the 4+. The app is good but seems a little over kill for this toy. Quite frankly I don’t want to be having sex with someone who is staring at their phone, so we tend to only use the controller.

The collection as a whole is hard to sum up, the Tango is perfect (aside from the pesky charging cable) but you could buy that on its own, so is it worth shelling out the extra money to get the We-Vibe 4 Plus and some silky items? The kind of person I would recommend a seriously strong vibe like the Tango to is clearly not going to like the sub-par vibrations of the We-vibe 4 Plus and the kind of person who would enjoy the gentle vibrations of the We-vibe 4 Plus would probably find the Tango too hard and overwhelming.

Basically the collection teams two very different items together and realistically if you like one you probably won’t like the other. The silk sash that can be used as a blindfold or a restraint is a nice touch, it certainly lends to the ‘couples’ theme, but it’s not enough of a reason to buy the collection. Essentially my advice is to either buy the Tango if you like hard and rumbly vibration or the We-Vibe Four Plus if more subtle vibrations are your thing.