Vixen Mustang 8.5/10

Vixen are a reputable company who make high quality real-feel dildos, I’ve eyed up their collection of dual-density dongs for a very long time, lusting after their squishy silicone. For me though I just can’t get past flesh tones, I simply don’t want anyone who’s brave enough to open my bedside drawer to run screaming from my house thinking I’ve got a grim trophy collection of dismembered dicks.


I think it’s probably easy to guess then what caught my eye about this dildo. The Mustang’s very original colour scheme is a mishmash of blue, orange and pink with a pearlescent base. Clearly Vixen have a thing about clashing colours! Each dildo will be unique as they are hand poured, so whilst the colours will be the same, the patterning and amounts of each colour that show will be different. Obviously mine is the prettiest of them all though.

The packaging is fantastic and really allows you to display your Mustang in all its colourful glory! The spherical design of the clear solid case is ideal for viewing and it’s the only toy I have that’s kept in its original packaging, not only that but it is also left on display in my room, When anybody asks about it with a raised eyebrow I just say BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS!!! And whilst that usually only raises eyebrows further, I still enjoy getting to show it off.


The silicone on the Mustang does feel slightly tacky, and it will attract every single bit of dust and fluff in the vicinity. But it makes up for that by feeling frickin amazing; it’s bendy, soft, and squishy. I happily use it like one of those stress reliever balls every time my anxiety acts up at home, (It’s just a shame I can’t take it to work really!). But what you guys really want to know is how it feels in USE, because let’s be honest this would be a heck of an expensive stress-reliever!

Well I am happy to report it feels just as good in the vagina as it does in the hand, well actually better once lubed as the tacky feeling disappears and if you were blindfolded you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for the real thing. It warms up to body temperature quickly, adding perfectly to the realistic nature of the dildo. It is a bit of a lube hog, so you will need to be very generous with it.

I’ll admit the average girth does leaves me slightly wanting and if I’m craving that stretched feeling this is never going to be the toy I reach for. However the girth combined with the dual density flexibility and squish does make for a nice gentle session for those days when intense textures and solid toys are just too much. There are some very realistic looking vein details on this but I’ve never noticed them in use. The head is very pronounced but the squishy quality of it (The head is the squishiest part) turns what could be an uncomfortable ridge into a divine undulation.

If you like to thrust vigorously with your dildos the Mustang will be ideal, its squishy enough to not cause any harm (I for one ‘ouch’ myself a lot when I get carried away with firm silicone). The curve and the dual-density silicone mean that the Mustang flexes to fit you internally but will always lean against your g-spot, persistently but not painfully. When I use my Mustang it really does feel like I’m giving my g-spot a delicious massage that lies somewhere between a soft stroke and firm pressure.  For me it’s the key to my vaginas heart, leaving it feeling loved and not battered after a long session.


The mustang is great for strap on play, the flexibility allows for all sorts of positions to work successfully and without fear of injury. It doesn’t droop thanks to that firmer inner core and lighter overall weight. The solid base helps the dildo stay put in the harness (I’ve tried some with such flexible squishy bases that they just fall out of the O-ring). Unfortunately I do find the solidity a little uncomfortable when thrusting hard as it pushes painfully against my pubic bone. There is a version of the Mustang named the Mustang Royale with a saddle base to make things more comfortable but it is flesh coloured. Cue sad face on my behalf.

We use it for pegging and my only qualm is it’s a little long for us personally, but then there isn’t much between us, if you’ve got big bum cheeks to overcome then the length might be a big plus point rather than the negative it is for us. (Damn my OH’s tiny bum 😛 )

If you like to indulge in a bit of penis play the Mustang can be a lot of fun, when I’m feeling like a bit of a cruel Dom or just fancy seeing my boyfriend acting slutty I will make him deep throat this. Likewise if I am on skype to him I occasionally perform oral on a toy to tease him and this is the one I will pick up, as it has no smell or taste to it. Just make sure it’s been washed, and you’ve not placed it down on the bed first, or you’ll end up with a furry tongue!

The Mustangs wide flared base looks like a suction cup, however Vixen do not advertise it as a toy with a suction cup base and whilst some people have said that their base seems to work okay as a suction cup, I’m sad to say mine really doesn’t. The base is just too solid to be able to squish it against a surface and create that all important air seal.

It’s very easy to clean and due to it being pure silicone it can be safely boiled for a few minutes.

I LOVE my Mustang, it is the one ride (out of many of my dildos) I wouldn’t be without! It has literally and figuratively brightened up my life. Its anal safe, harness compatible and a G-spot seeking star! However for me it’s a lacking the girth to really satisfy me when I’m craving fullness, as soon as I find a colourful version of Bandit or Johnny, I’ll be upgrading.

The Mustang is a joy to have in the bedroom and great for helping warry toy newbies to relax and see sex toys as the bundle of fun they truly are! The price is a little steep, but shop around and wait for a good deal, I got mine for £50 and feel like it was worth every penny.