Too Fat or Too Thin to Have Sex?

One of the worst excuses that some men and women make for not enjoying sex is that they are either too fat of too thin. In other words, they have such a negative image of themselves that they opt to deprive themselves of pure, unadulterated pleasure.

What a shame. The more common excuse is being too fat. Throughout the Western world, obesity is becoming a serious health problem. But that’s exactly what it is, a health problem. A man or woman may be a little or a lot overweight, but he or she remains that same person inside before developing the health problem.

Don’t hold back

The excess weight may turn them into introverts. They may avoid socializing, thereby depriving themselves of the chance to meet potential sex partners.

We humbly submit that they should first find out if they still enjoy sex. This is easy enough to find out. Do they still masturbate? Do they use sex toys? If they do, then clearly there’s nothing stopping them from having sex with another person.

We are not trivializing an important issue. Obesity is a problem, but there are many solutions. It will require a lot of  self discipline as well as qualified help from a professional, but in most cases, obese persons can lose enough pounds and inches to regain some of that lost self respect. It may be a long and difficult process, but the rewards will be worth the efforts.

In the meantime, they should keep on masturbating with their sex toys just to remind themselves that sex is always terrific, whether solo or with a partner.