Tantus Echo Vibrating Dildo 6.5/10

I’ve been searching for a manageable dildo with ridges for a while now, after buying the Maia Swirly and failing miserably to conquer its girth. So when I came across one that was not only ridged but shared my name, I HAD to buy it. With the added bonus that it’s made by the company Tantus this purchase really was a no-brainer!



Tantus packaging let me just say, is absolutely fucking spot on! There’s no gender stereotyping of the product your buying, they leave behind the whole black and blue boxes for ‘boys’ toys and pink and purples for ‘girls’ toys malarkey. It’s just bright, inclusive and playful, I have a lot of room in my heart for such things.


The Echo comes in two colours, pearly white or midnight purple, unless you’re buying a Tantus grab bag directly, in which case you’ll get a completely random colour (For a far smaller price). Waahoo for living dangerously!



As you can see, mine is a very dark purple. The silicone is high shine, with a super smooth glossy finish. It’s basically the ying to the yang of my matte Tantus curve. The Echo is flexible in the body but very firm to the touch. The ridges are perfectly formed and look like every texture lovers bliss, the head is only marginally larger than the rest of the shaft, and the whole thing is almost completely straight. *Cue g-spot obsessed warning bells*


The Echo is technically advertised as a vibrator, it has a hole in the bottom and comes with its own bullet. Personally I’m calling it a dildo because, well… I want to. The bullet is really quite powerful, a neat little size and well made, but it lacks any rumbles and only has one setting so it’s lost its place inside the Echo to the We-vibe Tango.

Whichever bullet you use with the Echo you’re probably going to find that the vibrations just don’t travel well to the tip, which (for me at least) is where they are most needed. To be honest I’m no more likely to reach orgasm with a bullet inside the Echo than I am without, because if vibrations aren’t focused where I want them, they are useless at best and distracting at worst.

But that bullet hole doesn’t need to go to waste, if you have yet more money to fork out, (I don’t but maybe you’re luckier than me) you can purchase a Tantus suction cup component that fits in the hole. This way you can fulfil your hands free dildo dreams!

The Echo has an insertable length of 6.5” which means I can fit most but not quite all of it comfortably inside my vagina. – With the help of some water based lube, of course! The girth isn’t at all challenging, and the ridges are pleasantly stimulating. They don’t feel nearly as extreme as I thought they would but they do only feature strongly on the front of the Echo, the back is completely smooth so that’s partly to blame for the sensations being slightly underwhelming.

I enjoy the sensation caused by the ridges, especially at my vaginal opening but to orgasm vaginally I neeeeeeeed G-spot stimulation, and the Echo just doesn’t provide it. The straight shaft coupled with a not very girthy head mean that my G-spot just doesn’t seem to receive any pressure. And no pressure = no pleasure as far as its concerned.

So essentially I loved the Echo in theory, liked it in essence, and was just a little underwhelmed in use. If you like texture and G-spot curves aren’t your thing, then I am highly recommending the Echo. It’s a beautifully well-made quality silicone vibrator/dildo that’s anal safe and harness compatible. I think the Echo would benefit from a slightly wider head and a full complement of ridges around the circumference. Maybe I just have a fussy Vagina.

You can pick up the Echo directly from Tantus but if you’re in the UK the only supplier here I’ve found is Sextoys.co.uk who have it for a very reasonable £34.95, but often have limited stock.