Satisfyer Pro 2 (NEXT GEN) Review and Comparison To The Original


Yes, another Satisfyer review. They really do know how to churn these toys out don’t they? Did the world need another Satisfyer, I hear you ask (okay I didn’t hear you but I know you could maybe, possibly, be thinking it). Well, I’m surprised to find myself saying yes to your pretend question. The world did need another Satisfyer.

When I reviewed five new models at the beginning of the year for the folks at Satisfyer (link) I finished up by saying they needed to mash together all their (not particularly great) designs into one simply superb sex toy. They had all the right ingredients, a great nozzle shape here, useful (+) & (-) buttons there, even a fucking penguin design. But not a single one of the models was ticking all the boxes. Until now.

In typical Satisfyer fashion they’ve released not one ‘Next-Gen model’ but five – an update for every toy they had, making the grand total of Satisfyer Air-Pulsation toys released ten (…ish). The one that had me most excited though was the new Pro 2 model because this toy was already so fucking close to perfect.

When it arrived I squealed in delight as I tore apart the gender neutral packaging and exposed my new toy. It had (+) (-) buttons! Just like I’d begged for in my comparison review. I turned it on, fingers crossed that they’d have lowered the intensity for the first setting too, they had! It was also, would you even believe it, a lot quieter than the original and had a new (far less scratch-prone) coating!  I have to admit to a certain degree of smugness – seeing all my suggestions answered in this toy, even if they hadn’t actually used my feedback specifically, was wonderfully satisfying.


Using the Next Gen is a lot easier. And it’s all thanks to those much longed for plus & minus buttons! I really can’t even begin to explain how important they are on any toy but boy am I glad that when I overshoot the perfect setting I don’t have to cycle through hell to get back to it! This model also starts out on a handful of much gentler settings, great for people experimenting with Air Pulsation toys for the first time or those with very sensitive clits.

So does it feel any different? There you go again, asking your pretend questions. Yes, it feels different. It’s very hard to describe it but if I crank them both up to top strength one is subtly thuddier than the other. Surprisingly, it’s the original Pro 2 that claws back a point here. It’s stimulation is ever so slightly superior (in my opinion) – it’s got a smooth thuddy-ness to it that I can only compare to a rumbly vibrator. Whilst they are both power houses that can get me off in mere minutes I always seem to reach for the original.

With regards to this new model being quieter, yes it undoubtedly is but when you consider that a lot of the settings on the Next Gen are less strong and actually compare the highest matching settings there isn’t a massive difference.

The new coating is great and has a far superior feel and finish. It’s durable, matte and way less prone to scratches whereas my old Pro 2 looks like its been into battle (at least twice). I have to say I am sad to loose the bolder satin-colour though, I do think it was prettier.


Almost every flaw on the Satisfyer Pro 2 is fixed by the Next Gen. It’s got plus & minus buttons for easy use, it starts at a far (far, far) gentler pace, it’s scratch proof AND it’s quieter. It’s superior, not only to the original Pro 2, but to all the Satisfyer models (and the Womanizers I’ve tried too). It’s the easiest of all the Air Pulsation toys to recommend – to beginners and advanced users! There’s just one problem… I prefer my original Pro 2. I know it doesn’t make sense, it’s inferior in a multitude of ways but I swear theres something subtly different about the sensation.

I’m sticking with my old faithful, despite it’s flaws. Perhaps its sentiment, perhaps my clit’s gotten too used to it or maybe I’m just reluctant to change my ways. It’s like the blankets/teddies we had as a child – they were faded, had holes or were saturated with years of dribble but they were ours and even a clean, new, prettier upgrade wouldn’t sway us. I’ll stick with my original Pro 2 but I still recommend buying the Next Gen as your first Satisfyer. I’m pretty sure it could become your old faithful some day.

You can buy a Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen from Lovehoney for £69.99 ($92.44).