Satisfyer Pro 2 ‘Clitoral Stimulator’ Review 8.5/10


When people mention the Satisfyer Pro 2 it’s often followed up by a comparison to the Womanizer. I mean of course it is, the toys are very unique when compared to what else is on the sex toy market but strikingly similar when compared with each other. They both throw away tried and tested vibration in favour of an odd sucking/blowing of air, which hopefully creates stimulation.

But I don’t own a Womanizer, so right here, you’re going to get a review that’s just based on the Satisfyer Pro 2’s qualities as a toy and my experience as someone who has never tried a suction-style sex toy before. No Comparisons… Alright maybe onehave you seen the price difference? The Satisfyer Pro 2 is actually affordable! And at less than half the price I’m left (as usual) wondering why the hell there is such a huge price tag on the Womanizer.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 comes in a little box, nothing too substantial, card outer case and inner plastic tray. Inside you’ll find the Satisfyer, usb charging cable and an instruction leaflet. That’s it. I like minimal when it comes to my sex toy packaging but if you were hoping for a storage pouch you’re going to be disappointed.


The Satisfyer itself is substantial, comfy to hold, weird to look at and most importantly devoid of sparkly gemstones. Its rose-gold colour is different, it’s certainly not my favourite but it doesn’t make me want to puke the way it would if it was a gaudy pink. The design is simple, two buttons, an ‘active’ light, and a soft silicone nozzle – I like simple especially when I’m in the process of blowing my own brains out.

The leaflet says to charge your Satisfyer straight away, but mine came with charge and I’m a rebel so I ignored this, and it didn’t spontaneously combust, sooooo whatevs leaflet. The Satisfyer charges magnetically through two points at the base, this makes the Satisfyer waterproof but it also makes charging a bitch. Magnetic chargers have a habit of popping off, they’re the slackers of the charging universe and don’t like being pushed around either. It’s 100% better than the tango charger, and yet still it irks me. Just stay damn-put and charge my toy already!


To turn the Satisfyer on you press the smaller circular button it and it will roar into life almost instantly. Loudly enough to scare my cat out of the room and he’s well used to the noise of vibrators. The Satisfyer has a handy little red light to say that’s its switched on and working. The motor causes absolutely zero vibration/feedback in the handle or any part of the toy, including the silicone nozzle – this makes it a joy to hold!

The Satisfyer has seven speed levels, which you can travel up (from slowest to fastest) by pressing the larger button. Once you’ve reached the top level if you keep pressing it will take you back down the levels (from Fastest to slowest). Honestly I’ve only ever bothered with the first few speeds, everything over that is WAY to much for me.


The sensation from the Satisfyer is bizarre, a tiny membrane inside the plastic nozzle moves super quickly in and out by a fraction of a millimeter, this causes a constant push/pull of air. It doesn’t actually create suction at all because it sucks AND blows so quickly. This is honestly the first time I’ve ever said a toy sucks and blows and meant it in a positive way!

The Satisfyer has clearly been designed for clit stim, they even market it specifically as a clitoral stimulator and the nozzles entrance is only a finger tips width in size. Does this mean you have to have a clit to enjoy the Satisfyer? Well, no actually. Certainly having a clit probably is the biggest reason to buy one but the Satisfyer feels really great on nipples too! At least it does for me and for my penis-wielding partner.

When I first put the Satisfyer on my clit, (having moved everything down there out of its way) and turned it on, I was kind of confused. I was in the bath (having the  nozzle of the Satisfyer underwater makes it quieter) and I just wasn’t bowled over by the stimulation, it’s not like the intense rumble of a good vibrator and my clit felt weird not having something forcibly mashed against it.

I kept the Satisfyer there trying to suss out what exactly the sensation felt like, but I couldn’t put my finger on it because it doesn’t feel like anything I’ve tried before. The sensation was good, constant, slowly building and as I sat there taking mental notes the Satisfyer took me up to the brink of orgasm and then rather unceremoniously shoved me over the edge. I was shocked confused, wondering what the hell had just happened. I was out of breath and my eyes were watering because I’d orgasmed so hard.  It wasn’t my usual work up to an orgasm, all tensed legs and strong build up, it took me completely by surprise.

After the orgasm I pretty much tore the Satisfyer Pro 2 away from my clit, I’m surprised I didn’t instinctively lob it out the window. As soon as I’d peaked the stimulation was just crazily intense and overpowering for my now plump and engorged clit. This is the experience I have almost every time with the Satisfyer, One crazy-good effortless orgasm and then OH GOD GET IT AWAY FROM ME.

So orgasms with the Satisfyer Pro are weird, intense and pretty much guaranteed (for me). But what makes it so different to an orgasm with a vibrator and why is it so difficult to keep going after the first?

It provides a wonderfully strong stimulation without actually touching your clit, it kind of feels similar to vibration but also really different at the same time. I think it’s because it’s manipulating the air inside the nozzle so when you make a seal around your clit all that is completely intensified and actually causes the air itself to vibrate against you.

I have been brave and powered through once aiming for two orgasms in a row with the Satisfyer. That second orgasm was intense, it danced the line between oh fuck get it away from me, and dang I need this, more of this, closer, more, more, more. My clit felt warm, overstimulated, and I think (weirdly enough) that I might have been about to squirt.

I have two theories as to why I find continuing on after the first orgasm to be almost impossible. The first is that almost all vibrators numb my clit at least a little bit, so the orgasms are actually slightly less intense than maybe they could be, and by the time I’ve orgasmed by clits numb enough that keeping going isn’t actually overstimulating for me. The Satisfyer however has no buzzy-ness at all so it doesn’t numb my clit  AT ALL. This clearly leads to my clit getting overstimulated if I continue to use it after an orgasm.

The second theory is that the feeling produced by the Satisfyer is actually very similar to my clit’s own little after-throb, where blood is pulsing around it at such a staggeringly quick rate. I think that’s part of the reason I find it so hard to power through and keep the Satisfyer on my clit after an orgasm. It just too intense when everything is already overstimulated.

There are several Satisfyer’s to compare.

So what do I know for sure about the Satisfyer Pro 2? Well, it works to give me an orgasm 100% of time, that’s a pretty fucking good track record for any toy. In fact, it’s the only toy I own that has managed to get me off everytime I’ve put it on/in my genitals. Is the Satisfyer a knock off copycat? Maybe… But it’s doing a stellar job at being a great toy for a REASONABLE price, and that’s good enough for me.

I’m just going to finish this review with a simple fact; the Satisfyer Pro 2 makes my eyes water – not because of an exorbitant price tag or gaudy leopard print design but simply because it’s a helluva ride.

This item is available at Bondara for only 59.99 That’s less than half of the price of a Womanizer 😉