Rouge Paddle Review (and some truths about my Sadomasochism).


I have amassed quite the collection of paddles, whips and floggers – my inner sadist always eager to find new ways to inflict pain on my subby partner. So far most of those items have had the desired effect, delicious whimpers and moans that illicit a delighted grin from my face.

However there is one thing that not a single hitty toy in my collection can do – inflict enough pain to satisfy my own inner masochist. I adore pain. Not always, and certainly not when it’s coming from my angry ovaries or deformed joints but when I’m in the mood for it, I want to be given everything my body can possibly take and then some. I’m a sadomasochist but my masochism in particular runs deep. Unlike my partner, I don’t have any strong submissive tendencies, he likes to be spanked as part of a D/s dynamic and finds pain to be only one side of a very multifaceted experience. He enjoys the pauses and subtle teases of a spanking, desperate to please me and show me how brave he can be. Whereas when I’m the one on the receiving end I have a one track mind. Pain please and for gods sake don’t stop.

So when the lovely Patrick from Latex Leather and Lace handed me this paddle my first thought was for using it on my partner. It’s much sturdier than the cheap paddles we own and I was pretty excited at the prospect of inflicting something sadistically slappy and stingy on his arse. My second thought was I wonder if this one will inflict enough pain to finally satisfy me. Well, now I have the answer.


This paddle is made of smooth sturdy leather (and is therefore very much NOT VEGAN *sad-face*). The design is quite beautiful – paddles are often plain by definition but thanks to the gorgeous deep blue and careful neat stitching, this one looks like something special. Something quality, something any Dominant or Top would be proud to brandish.


Wielding It

Wielding the Rouge Paddle is a dream. It’s lightweight and flexible, (despite feeling and looking very thick and solid) which makes it easy to use even over long periods of time. With this paddle arm ache doesn’t get in the way and my inner sadist can shine through unperturbed.

That flexible lightweighted-ness combined with a super smooth finish makes for some seriously slappy smacks. The noise is cracking! Each mid-range hit quickly bringing up a red blotch just like a palm would but with half the effort. This is a pretty handy aspect if you’re eager to see some immediate effects of a paddling.

If you feel like dishing out a thuddier whack with more weight behind it, try putting two fingers out straight  along the back of the paddle to stop it flexing so much.


On The Receiving End


So how does it feel? Not bad. It’s stingy, slappy and sometimes even elicits a yelp of shock/pain from me. I’ll be honest I prefer thuddy pain, or grabby pain, or punchy pain… *purrs distractedly* but when I’m in the mood for broad stinging pain that makes my cheeks blush, this paddle fits the bill.

However, when I’m really in the mood for pain, I can lie there for an hour being beaten with this and still not feel remotely satisfied or to be honest… in pain. Maybe its just me but this paddle is just notmean enough. It’s brilliant for light sessions and I imagine it would be a nice first paddle – able to dish out sting-y hits from a low to mid range but unfortunately its just not quite capable of scratching my particular itch.

In summary I can’t honestly fault this item, it’s the nicest flexible paddle we own (BY A LONG SHOT) and it dishes out exactly what I need it to when I’m Dom-ing my partner. It might not be mean enough to satisfy me but don’t let that put you off unless you have a super high pain tolerance and like things a little more on the extreme side!


You can buy this paddle over at Latex Leather and Lace for only £31.99 (and you should because they are wonderful!).