Review – Tantus Purr

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Tantus Purr by SexToysUK in exchange for my honest review. YMMV. Click any of these pictures for larger images.

♦ The Purr by Tantus is a non-phallic, premium silicone dildo sold by SexToysUK that comes packaged with a watch battery bullet that I will ignore at all times. Let’s face it, this is not a vibrator. This is a dildo that comes with a bullet that is of pretty much the same standard as any cheap watch battery bullet out there (i.e. not worth my time). That said, it is a dildo which can accommodate a better bullet if you have one. But more on that later.

The dildo comes in the usual Tantus packaging, which is (as I’ve said in greater length before) an aesthetic clear plastic box with red accents. It is not particularly suited to long-term storage due to its tendency to split down the sides.

The Purr itself is around 7″ insertable in length and has a diameter of about 1.5″, with a slightly thicker head than shaft. It is made of a smooth, glossy silicone (non-porous, body-safe and sterilisable) that doesn’t have much of a noticeable drag, though that’s likely because I’m too busy noticing the texture. And textured it is, with small (perhaps half a centimetre wide), shallow ribs starting at about 1.75″ from the tip of the head and reaching to the base. The Purr is curved subtly forwards and, although it is flexible, is fairly firm.

One of the first things that struck me about my Tantus Purr was the colour. Mine is in a shimmery lilac called Purple Haze that I at first thought was far too obvious (because stop making so many bloody lilac sex toys, world) and girly for me to like. But it’s actually gorgeous and I think the reason for that is that it’s a lot more subtle than it seems at first. It isn’t just lilac, it has a sort of blueish shimmer in the light and the colour actually has a lot of depth to it. I’ve tried to capture that in my photos, but trust me when I say it looks a lot better in real life.

How does it feel? Well, I’ll tell you now that the texture is not nearly as pronounced as it looks. The smooth, rib-free head makes the Purr very easy to insert, but when the ribs do kick in, I don’t notice them as much as I expect to. They’re not that raised/deep, being about the same as you sometimes get on the inside of a tin can, but softer, obviously. It feels textured to me, but not in the way I’d expected and in comparison I find something like the Tantus Echo (much bigger ridges, but much less of them) a lot more noticeable. I’d say the amount on the Purr is probably just right for those who aren’t massive texture-whores or those new to texture. A little sniff of texture, but nothing too scary.

The Purr is a good girth, length and flexible firmness (not too hard, not too soft) for easy thrusting and the slightly thicker head coupled with the subtle curve of the shaft means that it does provide some nice stimulation to my g-spot, which really pushes me over the edge. It’s not what I’d really call a “g-spot toy”, though, so for harder-to-please g-spots, it may not suit. In any case, it feels fantastic to use and it’s beginning to seem like Tantus can do no wrong for me. Every toy I’ve had from them has been different, yet every toy has been uniquely satisfying. This one doesn’t blow my mind like the Max O2 or the Throb, but it feels really great.

What I found particularly interesting about thrusting with the Purr, is that it didn’t give me any noticeable hand-cramping from using it at all. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s very worth noting as it’s a problem most of my dildos give me. I wish I could pinpoint a reason (perhaps the smaller, floppier base?), but it may be worth trying for those who suffer with hand cramps like I do.

The hole in the base, for the bullet provided, is particularly useful for a number of reasons. You can use it with the bullet it comes with (not particularly satisfying for me), you can use it with the Tantus Suction Cup accessory and, my favourite, you can use it with other appropriately-shaped bullets. My top-tip? Get hold of a We Vibe Tango or Salsa (Salsa is slightly more suited to the shape, but both work) and, making sure to lube the hole well so that it doesn’t get jammed in there, use that instead. The rumblier vibrations carry very well through the silicone. This tip won’t work so well for harness use, sadly, as both vibrators stick out a fair way from the end, which I can’t really see working.

Speaking of harness-use, the Tantus Purr is described as both anal-safe and harness compatible due to the flared base. Whilst it does seem to be anal-safe (though I didn’t test it as an anal toy), I’m not sure about it’s suitability for a harness. I was worried at first about the rather small and somewhat floppy base just pulling through the O-ring, though that didn’t happen. But it did mean that my purple ribbed cock sat incredibly poorly in the harness and drooped like soggy spaghetti. Those more experienced with harness than I can make of that what they will, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for a strapped-on cock.


The Tantus Purr is yet another hit from Tantus, not that anyone should be surprised. It’s not my favourite of theirs by any means, but that’s like pointing out that Rattata isn’t my favourite of the generation one Pokemon: it’s still fucking awesome, it’s purple and it’s only not the best because of the seriously high level of Win. The Purr is a great non-phallic, textured dildo, even if the texture doesn’t quite pop as much as it looks like it should. I wish it did, but it feels fantastic anyway.

It can be used with the bullet that comes with it or without and you can add your own bullet too if it fits. Whilst I wouldn’t really call this a vibrator, it’s definitely a plus to be able to make your dildo buzz. It’s body-safe, sterilisable, incredibly high quality and very pretty too. And you can pick one up right now from SexToysUK for a very reasonable price!