Review – Phallix Glass Love Pacifier

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Phallix Glass Love Pacifier dildo by SexShop365 in exchange for my honest review. YMMV. Click images to embiggen.

♦ The Glass Love Pacifier, sold by SexShop365, is a clear glass dildo made by Phallix, a company that specialises in glass toys. It’s actually only my third glass toy (if you don’t count the rubbish Icicles No.4, which I really feel I shouldn’t), so it’s something I was really looking forward to trying out as I’ve very much enjoyed the sensation of glass in the past.

The Love Pacifier comes in unfortunately awful packaging. Firstly, it comes in a huuuge plastic blister pack that is 16.5 blimmin’ inches long. The dildo itself is a mere total of 6.75 inches long, so there’s a good nine inches of excess space. It is unnecessarily massive.

And what’s the bulk of that used for? Well, not much actually. Not even the name of the toy. There’s a paper insert with, on the back, some generic product information and, on the front, the name Phallix and a picture of the world’s porniest woman. Honestly, she is the tackiest, most, awful, most 90s picture on any toy packaging I’ve owned. Ick.

Inside the packaging is the glass dildo itself and a satiny black storage bag with a white lace trim that looks very pretty indeed (and reminds me of French maids). I love it when toys come with storage bags and think that a glass toy without one is a sin. Sadly, though, the bag is unpadded, which would be best when it comes to a glass toy. The unpadded bag won’t protect against dropping your toy on a hard floor, but it will stop your toy getting scuffed.


Of course, the borosilicate glass used in sex toys is very strong stuff in any case. Those new to glass as a sex toy material often seem a bit worried about putting what is normally seen as a delicate material into a delicate area, but don’t worry, it won’t break inside you. You’re just not that strong. As for dropping, I dropped mine from above my head onto carpet with no issues.

Glass sex toys are not only pretty shatter-safe, but they’re very safe in other ways too. Glass is a non-porous material that can be easily sterilised by boiling or using 10% bleach solution, which means that it can be shared both between partners and between vagina and anus, so long as its sterilised in between.

It’s also body-safe and hypo-allergenic, which is really important, even if you don’t suffer from reactions easily. Personally I have a bad reaction to bad materials (such as jelly), which can give me chemical burns, so it’s especially important. Glass (like silicone, ceramic and ABS plastic) is a fantastic material because it won’t harm your body, which is one of the reasons I love the material as it really suits my needs.

Finally, glass is fun in that it can be gently heated or cooled for a different sensation in/on your body. I usually use hot water for heat and the fridge to cool the toy down. Do be careful though.


So, after that mini glass primer, what about the Glass Love Pacifier itself? The dildo is around 6.75″ long with 5.75″ of that being insertable. The diameter of the shaft is one inch, with a slight bulge of 1.2″ in the middle that is not particularly noticeable. The bulbs at each end are 1.4″ at their widest point. One of the bulbs (the one intended as the main handle) is a slightly flattened sphere and the other narrows to a fairly pointed tip and is pretty conical. It’s also fairly light for glass and certainly much easier on my hands than my Doc Johnson Allure was. It’s never seemed particularly weighty to me.

Being glass, the toy naturally looks very pleasing. It’s very basic aesthetically as it’s clear and in a very uncomplicated shape, but I actually really like the simplicity of it and the pure look of the glass.

One of my favourite things about the Love Pacifier is that although I suspect you are supposed to “stick ‘em with the pointy end”, you can actually use either end inside you and either end as a handle. The spherical end is perhaps slightly more natural as a handle, but both are pretty comfortable and both ends certainly feel very pleasurable inside me. They give subtly different sensations too, which is great.

The smooth material of the Love Pacifier and the fact that it’s pretty narrow means that it’s very easy to slip inside you and I found myself able to use it regularly and easily without any added lubrication whatsoever. The spherical end is naturally slightly harder to insert as it isn’t tapered nicely, but it’s still no real trouble even from a “standing start”.

The Love Pacifier feels lovely and cool inside my vagina, even just at room temperature (you can warm to body heat pretty easily by hugging it for a while or similar). I do love that sensation. It feels fantastic just hanging out inside me, but the real joy of it is in the thrusting. It’s quite amazing and I can really feel the rim of the end bulb popping and slipping back and forth inside me. That change in diameter between the shaft and the head is fairly sudden, so it makes the movement quite noticeable. I think that’s a great feature as otherwise, with the slim girth of the toy, it might feel a bit bland. The sudden change in size is really what makes the toy feel great and it even massages my g-spot wonderfully. I’m not a pro-squirter, but I came so close with this toy.


The Phallix Glass Love Pacifier is a wonderful dildo with all the amazing qualities you’d expect from glass. It’s obviously body-safe, hypo-allergenic and non-porous, making it easy to use between orifices and between partners as long as you stick to good safety practices. It is incredibly easy to clean thanks to the material and shape and it’s also very resilient. It’ll likely last you a lifetime with good care. It can be warmed and cooled, bringing a new dimension to your play.

It’s a good length and good girth, though some may find it too slim for their tastes, but it’s definitely suited for fans of narrow toys or those who don’t care either way. The glass at least makes it feel a little bulkier than it is anyway. The shape is wonderful and the two ends can be used interchangeably for a variation in sensation. It’s smooth and easy to use and the bulbous heads really stroke my g-spot and make the toy what it is. I really enjoy the Phallix Glass Love Pacifier, despite the awful packaging, and think it feels great. I highly recommend it for glass beginners and those looking for a simple, but versatile toy. Pick this long-lasting toy up, if you’re so inclined, from SexShop365. ♦