Review – Mawa Klamps

Disclaimer: I was provided with some free Mawa Klamps by UberKinky in return for my honest review. Click pictures to embiggen.

♦ Mawa Klamps, sold by UberKinky, seem to me to be a novel way to go about selling clamps for nipple play, among other things. They’re individual, solitary clamps, packaged in a sealed, clear plastic bag for each clamp. They’re sold for £2.99 each, £2.75 each when you buy four or £2.50 each when you buy ten. I think that’s a great idea, because it means you can buy exactly the amount that you need, with discounts for buying more. Just want to clamp your nipples? Buy two Mawa Klamps. Want to share the love? Try four. Want to clamp every inch of available skin? You can do that too.

The clamps are made from metal with black rubber grips, sadly there’s no more information on materials than that. Each Mawa Klamp is 5.5 cm long with a 2 cm wide tip, providing a broad surface which spreads out the pressure of the clamp and ensures a good squeeze without a painful (in a bad way) pinch. In fact, these clamps look bigger than many types of clamp out there and generally have a chunky stationery-style look to them. That’s something I really dig and it could make for some fun office roleplay too.

The Mawa Klamps are incredibly easy to use. You squeeze the ends like a peg, apply to the nipple (or whichever area you want) and let go. Done. No fussing about. The downside to their simplicity is that they’re not adjustable like some clamps. These will put out the same, invariable amount of pressure always, so they might not be right for you if your tastes are harder or lighter. Beginners at nipple play are often encouraged to pick adjustable clamps so that they can tailor their kink level and slowly increase the amount of pressure, but the Mawa Klamps are so cheap that you could just buy one to test the level before plunging in, if you were concerned.

What’s more, the Mawa Klamps actually really aren’t as vicious as they looked like they could have been, which for me is perfect. I love nipple clamps, but I’m also aware that my pain threshold likes to play games with me, so quite a few more hardcore clamps are a bit beyond me 1. That said, the Mawa Klamps, while not vicious, are pretty solid and strong.  Since the rubber tip is so flat and broad, the force of the very considerable spring is applied evenly over a large area, spreading the pressure so that the grip is tight, but the feeling is widened and not too ‘pokey’.  The strength is roughly comparable to squeezing with your fingertips hard. Fans of light pressure only may wish to look elsewhere. Fans of medium to strong nipple pressure will be very much at home.

The wide, rubber-covered ends of the Mawa Klamps offer plenty of grip, which is fantastic. I’ve often had problems in the past with nipple clamps not attaching to my nipples very well or just straight up popping off or falling off. My right nipple is actually a little blimmin’ diva and won’t come out to play without a frickin’ fanfare, so that normally gives me particular trouble. Not so with the Mawa Klamps. Not only do the broad tips easily grab hold of even my right nipple, but they stay there too. And comfortably. In fact, the rubber tips are so grippy that they almost stick to the skin and to each other, making a clacking noise when opened.

I did what I refer to as the Tit Test and applied the Mawa Klamps to my nipples before jiggling and whipping about and dancing around like a lap dancer on x300% speed.  I could NOT get them to even budge. Not a smidgen. Pass! It is so refreshing to have nipple clamps stay where I put them when I even vaguely breathe, let alone shake like a loon.

These things are so grippy and comfy that I have clamped pretty much every part of me I can think of with these things (lips, ears, labia, fingers, nose, toes, random pinches of skin) with no fuss, no discomfort and no slippage. If nothing else, I think that means I’m onto a winner with these.

The one downside to the Mawa Klamps, aside from the lack of adjustability, is that the ones I got didn’t actually come with an “indented handle for attaching weights”  as is described and pictured on the product page. I’m not sure if there are different versions of the clamps or if they simply don’t come with this any more, but you might want to enquire with UberKinky if this is something you’d particularly miss. Without that little handle, there is no hole or hook to attach weights or chains or anything to.


The Mawa Klamps are fantastic clamps both for nipple play and for use elsewhere on all sorts of body types. On the downside: they’re not adjustable, the materials they’re made of are a little vague and mine didn’t come with any way of attaching a chain or what have you. On the plus side: everything else. They’re firm, strong and grippy with wonderful broad tips that make them comfy but powerful. They actually attach to my nipples and stay there, which for my nipples is practically unknown. Even if you’ve had trouble previously getting nipple clamps to actually work for you, I think these just might do it. They do for me, diva nipple or not.

And, what’s more, at the price of £2.99 each with discounts for sets, you really can’t go wrong. Hell, why not just buy one to see if you like it? That’s the price of a pint of lager, fer chrissakes. From there, if you like them, you can buy as many or as few as you want. Head to UberKinky now and get some. And if you can fail the Tit Test with them, I guess I owe you that pint. ♦