Review – Fetish Fantasy Spandex Full-Face Hood

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Fetish Fantasy Spandex Full-Face Hood by Temptations Direct in exchange for my honest review. Click any image to embiggen.

♦ The Fetish Fantasy Spandex Full-Face Hood is a bondage accessory in Pipedream’s notorious and oft ridiculous Fetish Fantasy line.  It’ll be another short review for providers Temptations Direct, as there really isn’t much to say about an item this basic.

I’ve been curious about picking up a hood which obscures my face for a while now as I can’t help thinking it’d be easier to take pictures of myself with a covered face. The Spandex Full-Face Hood seemed to fit that bill and, since I like to be blindfolded and restrained, I thought it could be fun in those ways too. Yeah, it wasn’t, but let me get to that.

The box is just what you come to expect from Fetish Fantasy, though is probably on the less porny end of their scale, though that doesn’t say a lot.

Inside you find the hood itself and a… Wait, what?

No Free Mask? Hallelujah!

As you might expect, the Spandex Full-Face Hood covers not only the head but the face as well; it’s described as “one size fits most” and fit me and Crush just fine. It stretches nicely and is neither too tight or too loose. It has plenty of room around the neck so it doesn’t feel strangly, but it could perhaps come down a little longer in the neck.

Crush found that it wasn’t all that comfortable to wear, but admitted that that may be because it’s a hood as opposed to this hood, though. He’s certainly more fussy than I am, as I found it fairly comfortable in general, but we did both agree on hating one thing. Although, the hood is shaped slightly, with a bulge at the front where the face goes, for extra comfort, this means that the seam runs down the centre of the hood from front to back. And it’s really annoying. It’s either dead centre on your face, which feels quite forced, or it sits slightly to one side, which is still quite irritating and now it also looks irritating too. You can even see it from the inside while you’re wearing it, which makes perfectionists liable to keep fiddling to get it centred.

The Spandex Full-Face Hood is very lightweight and therefore incredibly easy to breathe through and hear through, but sadly also to see through. The box states that it allows “just a hint of light in while impairing vision”, but that’s nonsense. Oh, sure, you’re not 20/20 with the hood on, but you can basically see everything. How many fingers am I holding up? Check. Reading? Check.

Fuck, I could even play Saints Row: The Third (my current fave) with it on. So I did. And it was fine. Here’s your proof:


That’s me driving through da ‘hood in a hood. And getting Near Misses to boost my Respect. And not hitting a single damn thing. I then went on to do a full story mission in while wearing the Spandex Full-Face Hood and then take a video of me precision head-shotting pedestrians, as you do. All, supposedly, with impaired vision and just a hint of light.

Yeah, no, there’s no way I should be able to play a high-speed video game while wearing a bondage hood or anything claiming to impair vision. It’s like you’re wearing slightly shit sunglasses. Weirdly, this is one Fetish Fantasy product that actually could have done with the crappy Free Mask they usually bundle in! Then you might have a chance of actually “impairing vision”.

One plus point is that the Spandex Full-Face Hood at least looks the part. It’s a slightly glossy fabric which does look good on the wearer, smoothing their shape and rendering them anonymous. Want that anonymous hostage look? The gimp aesthetic? It does look the part and it stops you identifying the wearer, it just doesn’t stop them seeing out.


The Fetish Fantasy Spandex Full-Face Hood really varies depending on what you want from it. I got it for the anonymising aspect, sure, but I really expected the blindfold aspect too, so I’m disappointed by it. I should not be getting a hood I can play video games through. Especially for nearly twenty quid.

If you want something that obscures a person’s face, it does that whilst being comfy and breathable for the wearer, so go get it. If you want something that restricts the wearer’s vision, look elsewhere, despite what it says on the box. ♦