Review – Fairy Mini II

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Fairy Mini II Massager by Vibrator Kingdom in exchange for my honest review. Click pictures to embiggen.

♦ The Fairy Mini II Massager, made by Merci Toys and sold by Vibrator Kingdom, is a USB rechargeable wand-style vibrator from a family of cutesy wand-style vibrators, all of which have ridiculously similar names. Mini, Mini II, Mini Mini, Pocket Mini? Jeez. Yup, that’s not confusing at all, Merci, thanks (or even merci). Vibrator Kingdom sells the Fairy Mini II in a set (but also separately) which includes the USB charging cable, a pink fabric storage case and two attachments for the head of the wand: the “Kurikuri” for women and the “Enema” (classy!) for men, about which more later.

The packaging for the Fairy Mini II is an uber-girly cardboard box with a see-through panel to show the toy. The back contains a wealth of information on the toy, mostly in Japanese but also in English, making this a cool gift for Japanophiles and slightly confusing for non-Japanese-speakers. The USB cable comes in a pretty plain cardboard box and the two attachments are in clear plastic boxes with fancy labels.

The Fairy Mini II is a wireless Lithium Ion version of the Fairy Mini from Merci. It can be charged at the wall or via USB, however the version sold by Vibrator Kingdom only comes with the USB cable. I actually find that preferable since my bedroom has very few plug sockets but my computer is pretty much on whenever I’m there. The wand is 8″ long and has a 1.75″ diameter rounded head that is ribbed on its 1.75″ deep sides. The body of the wand is made of ABS plastic with soft, rubberised sides and the head is silicone; the two are connected by a flexible neck. It’s not waterproof or splashproof, so be careful how you clean it. Damp cloth only, try to stick to the head area.

Aesthetically, with its white-n-pink body and worryingly cutesy logo, the Fairy Mini II is truly the Hello Kitty microphone of sex toys. Ergonomically, the handle is comfortable, the toy is light and the general shape makes for easy use.

The Fairy Mini II charges by connecting the charger to a port covered by a little rubber cover and there is a green charging light on the front that switches off when the toy is charged. I know that several reviewers have reported problems with getting the wand to hold a charge, but this has mostly not been an issue for me. After charging it for the first time, the Fairy Mini II did actually cut out after about 5-10 minutes (i.e., far too short), but since then I haven’t had an issue with it holding charge. It’s something to be aware of, though, and I will say I find it doesn’t quite hold charge long enough anyway.

The wand is turned on using a variable speed dial just above the charging light. The dial turns easily and is nicely grooved for good feedback, but what I found really weird were the directions. If you’re using the toy as you’d expect (head on your body and shaft pointing away towards your feet), you thumb the dial away from the head to power up and towards the head to back off and slow down. I always forget this, because it just seems so counter-intuitive. If I wanted to back off, I’d move the wand away, so surely I should pull the dial away to back off in terms of vibration? It’s irksome.


Speaking of vibrations, they’re pretty strong (although they seemed a lot weaker on my first use, as well as cutting out early). They aren’t as strong as my Ideal wand, the only other wand I own, but on the other hand they don’t make my skin itch nearly half as much either. Though they are still pretty damn buzzy. And they’re definitely strong enough that I don’t just race to the highest setting like I do on a lot of vibrators. In fact, there are sessions where I won’t even touch the highest strength because I just don’t need it or it would be too much.

Of course, the massive benefit over my other wand, and any other two-speed wand out there like the Hitachi, is that the speed is variable and there are no fixed settings, meaning you can gradually dial the strength up or down. You can easily find the exact level you are happy with. If I had to praise only one feature of this wand, that would be it. The vibrations of this toy are strong and work fine for me, but they aren’t quite what I look for in a toy (rumblier is better) and the one thing this toy has over my other (rumblier) wand is the ability to truly customise my speed.

Whilst the Fairy Mini II is powerful, it’s also bloody noisy. It’s about as discreet in terms of sound as it is tasteful and subtle in its girliness. I mean, listen to that. It is loud. Not only loud, but really grating. The lower the speed, the whinier it is; the higher the speed, the more it channels a pneumatic-drill. There’s really no respite. If discretion is high among your list of priorities, heck, if discretion is even on your list of priorities, back away now. What’s really cute is, as you can see at the start of the video, you can even turn it to a setting where it makes a God-awful high-pitched whine but isn’t actually doing anything at all. Impressive.

Yet another downside to the toy comes in one of the main features of a good wand: the flexibility of that neck and head. Yes, the neck is flexible, but I found the Fairy Mini II had a depressing tendency to get weaker and weaker and eventually stop outright (but keep going with that catchy whine!) the more I bent the neck to get it to a good angle. That’s just bad design.


The Fairy Mini II Massager set sold by Vibrator Kingdom comes with two attachments for the head of the wand: one for women and one for men.

Kurikuri is the female attachment and is best described as a sort of slightly scary-looking bobbly-nobbly cup shape that fits fairly nicely onto the head of the Fairy Mini II and then cups the clitoris and labia. It looks really creepily medical, but there you have it.

At first, the Kurikuri left me cold and I really couldn’t see the point in it. Subsequent uses improved my impression of it, but I’m still a little dubious. On the down side: it’s ridiculous, it’s rubber (as far as I can tell) and it makes it basically impossible to include penetration in your play, which sucks. On the plus side: it is less itchy-making and seemed to make the vibrations sort of reverberate around its inner surface and the little tail of the cup (that gets in the way of dildos) was pushing inside me just enough to produce some really fantastic orgasms. It was definitely a fun sensation.

Enema is the male attachment and was a real pain in the arse (no pun intended) to actually get onto the head of the wand. It’s designed to hit the prostate. To be honest, I’ve not got much to say about this one. I’m not a man and the one I’ve got hates vibrations. I have an arse, but not a prostate, and I didn’t fancy using something rubber anally. I’ve heard one reviewer enjoyed it on their G-spot, so I tried that, but nada.

Luckily, Vibrator Kingdom also sells the Fairy Mini II on its own without the two attachments for £15 less, so if you don’t fancy the attachments, that’s an option.


The Fairy Mini II Massager is an uber-girly massage wand that, unfortunately, I’m not really sure I can recommend. If you’re into that kind of thing, you’ll love the pink femininity and the shape is ergonomic, even if the vibrations react really badly to the flex of the head. The fact that the Fairy Mini II has a variable speed dial (even a counter-intuitive one) is really its biggest plus point and is perhaps the sole reason I might come back to this toy in the future.

The vibrations are strong, but not stupidly strong for a wand, and they’re buzzy, though they don’t make me itch much at all. They should be deeper and rumblier, though. It’s whiny and irritatingly loud and it seems to have some issues (charge time and strength) that could either be first-use gremlins or recurring quality problems. They haven’t come back yet, but they might well as the toy ages.

In any case, for £65 (£50 without attachments), I’d expect more from a wand vibrator like this. If you’re really into girly pink toys, you’re a wand collector or you can overlook the bugbears of the toy, perhaps give the Fairy Mini II a try from Vibrator Kingdom. But for me, it’s not something I would pay for now I know what it’s like and that just means I can’t give it my seal of approval. ♦