Review – Crystal Small Premium Glass Kegel

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Crystal Small Premium Glass Kegel by SexToysUK in exchange for my honest review. Click any image to embiggen.

♦ The Crystal Small Premium Glass Kegel is a glass kegel exerciser and dildo made by NS Novelties and sold by SexToysUK. I’ll admit that I was after this toy purely for the purpose of using it as a gorgeous glass dildo rather than for its purported kegel-improving qualities, so I’ll only be reviewing it as a sex toy rather than a sex aid. I feel that I’d be much more keen to use ben wa balls for kegel exercise than I would a more bulky, less convenient, less discreet object like this one.

The Crystal Glass Kegel is a toy which comes in several sizes and colours (SexToysUK carries mine, the pink small, the grey large and the purple large), though mine is the small version in a lovely bottle green.


The packaging is a matte white box with side windows and some basic info on the toy. Inside the Crystal Glass Kegel sits largely unprotected except for two foam shapes which hold either end. The toy comes with no instructions on how to use it for kegel use (insert the 3-bulbed end while upright and clench your kegels to keep it in place) even if you wanted to and, a sin for glass toys, doesn’t come with any storage bag either.


Those new to glass toys are often worried about putting what is normally seen as a delicate material into a delicate area, but don’t worry. The borosilicate glass used in sex toys is very strong stuff;  it won’t break inside you, you’re just not that strong. They’re also strong when dropped, though do try not to chuck your nice toys about anyway.

Glass toys, like the Crystal Small Premium Glass Kegel, are not only quite shatter-safe, but they’re very safe in other ways too. Glass is a non-porous material that can be very easily sterilised by boiling it or using 10% bleach solution, which means that it can be shared both between partners and between vagina and anus, so long as its sterilised in between. It’s also hypo-allergenic and body-safe, which is really important, even if you don’t suffer from particular reactions.

Lastly, glass is awesome in that it can be carefully heated or cooled for a different sensation in/on your body. I normally use the fridge to cool the toy down and hot water for heat. Do take care though.


The Crystal Small Premium Glass Kegel is a double-ended toy comprised of a 7.5″ straight shaft with different sizes of glass bulb. One end is largely smooth and tapering (0.5″ diameter at its narrowest) with a bulb at one end that is just under an inch in diameter.

The other, more interesting, end is also straight but comes with three bulbs that increase in size from the tip to the mid-point of the shaft. The first bulb is tapered like a teardrop and is about 0.85″ around, the second bulb is just over an inch and the third and largest is 1.25″ in diameter. It’s also quite lightweight.

The thing that strikes me most about the shape of the Crystal Glass Kegel, other than its potential for pleasure, is that despite the SexToysUK product page saying it “can also be used as a dildo for anal or vaginal stimulation”, I really don’t think it’s anal-safe at all. The bulbs flow quite smoothly into each other and I just don’t think there’s enough of an obvious flare anywhere to keep this dildo from accidentally disappearing into your anus. Which would be severely awkward (oh, and dangerous). Please use your discretion, but perhaps keep this thing away from “the butt”.

The Crystal Small Premium Glass Kegel is a beautiful toy to behold. The shape reminds me of a honey-dipper and the three-tiered effect looks great. But what’s by far the best thing about this toy’s aesthetics is the colour. It is an absolutely gorgeous, smooth, clear bottle green which shows up beautifully in the light.

The two ends of the dildo feel very different, which makes the toy quite versatile. Despite that, I’d say that using the single-bulbed end as a handle and inserting the three-bulb end is probably the more obvious and enjoyable use for this toy. The single bulb makes a good handle as long it doesn’t get too slippery and the three bulbs feel fantastic inside me.

The Crystal Glass Kegel works equally well either pulling the bulbs in and out all the way for the slight popping sensation of the insertion or working the toy back and forth gently with all the bulges inside to better appreciate the “texture” of the shape. The taper of the first bulbs means it’s very easy to insert and the combination of bulbs feels amazing. The largest bulb really pulls on my vaginal wall in a lovely way and even seems to offer some amount of G-spot stimulation (but, since it’s so straight, it’s not going to work for everyone by any means).

The single-bulbed end is a less exciting experience than the triple-bulbed end, but does still have its place. The relatively straightforward shaft and lonely bulb mean that the shape and feeling are less stimulating, but the thinner shaft and absence of bumpiness may suit some people better. Personally, I found this end a bit boring, but one thing I did enjoy was really angling the Crystal Glass Kegel up to rub the small bulb against my G-spot. This felt great, but wasn’t ideal: the straight shaft means you really have to work at it and it ended up hurting my thumbs, plus the bulb is just a bit too small to be really amazing as a G-spot stimulator.


The Crystal Small Premium Glass Kegel by NS Novelties is a beautiful glass dildo and while I can’t attest to its qualities as a kegel exerciser nor could I recommend its use as an anal toy, I do actually really like this toy for vaginal use. I find myself wondering whether I might actually like the large version of it better (although that doesn’t come in gorgeous green), but the small version really is very pleasurable for its size despite that. Besides, harder materials always feel bigger than softer ones of the same size.

It’s double-ended, giving you variety, and the three-bulbed end particularly feels very good when thrusting and penetrating. Plus, being glass, it’s body-safe, non-porous, temperature-variable and very easy to clean. It should come with a storage bag, though. Bitches love storage bags. So, if you’re after the gorgeous Crystal Small Premium Glass Kegel, get one now from SexToysUK! ♦