Making Yourself Fulfilled by Using Anal Toys

Anal sex may not be an open topic compared to vaginal sex, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to shy away from trying it. We say, don’t knock it till you tried it. It is understandable that you may experience fear with the idea of anal penetration, but trust us, it can be something that you may want to incorporate on your regular sex routine and enjoy in the long run. To get some practice before doing the real thing, you can try using anal toys first.

You need to experience the unique stimulation provided by anal play

You may not be aware of it, but your anus is a source of great stimulation. Your backdoor has lots of nerve endings and blood vessels that makes it sensitive to anal play. For some, anal stimulation can be more intense than vaginal stimulation. If you combine it with clit stimulation, you can only imagine how intense the pleasure can be. Your anus can become an easy extension of your clitoris. When your genitals become aroused, your anus is included in the arousal as well. Why not take advantage of this extra sensation and stimulate it using butt plugs and anal beads, for starters?

Men can benefit greatly from anal stimulation. Since they don’t have vaginas that can accommodate penetration, their anus can act as an alternative orifice to replicate the sensation. Anal penetration can stimulate the prostate and bulb of the penis. Men can achieve great orgasms through prostate stimulation.

There is no need to be afraid of anal toys, especially if you are careful when it comes to using it.

It is true that the skin of the anus is very fragile and sensitive, which can make anal play painful and uncomfortable. But anal toys are made in such a way that it can be used safely for backdoor fun. The trick is to use them safely. See, you just don’t ram these toys up you ass, unless you are looking for pain and injury. Anal dildos and vibrators are made with flared bases so they won’t get lost somewhere in your rectum. Anal beads are equipped with strings that can be pulled out and keeps the beads in place. These toys are made of smooth material that will not scrape the skin of your anus. Use these toys with lots of lube and you will have a safe and very pleasurable anal play ahead.

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