Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

**This product has been reviewed by my partner, who has the necessary equipment required to test a prostate massager **


The Hugo’s shape follows the same basic style found in similar products that are aimed at prostate pleasure. We’ve tried many other luxury prostrate massagers like this before, including the Nuo by Je Joue which shares the same internal/external structure. This shape allows (in theory) for both prostate and perineum stimulation, two erogenous zones I’m lucky enough to be in possession of!

Basics of the product

The silicone is as you would expect from a Lelo toy (especially one with a price tag like this) easy on the eye and silky smooth to the touch. The Hugo has no seams in the silicone itself but does have a groove around the metallic plate on the base which would need extra attention when cleaning. The Hugo itself is rechargeable (and waterproof) but the control is neither – it does come with its own batteries though, so thumbs up there.

The Hugo is very firm and inflexible, in fact the only part that can be flexed slightly is the smaller external arm, this allows for optimal comfort and fit for different folks. The solidity of the Hugo allows for easy insertion and retention, it does however seem to taper slightly too gently at the neck of the main arm, making keeping it inside when everything’s going on somewhat of a conscious exercise. None the less it’s a very comfortable shape.

Control Button

My Experience with the Hugo

The tip of the external arm is also very firm but the joining section is slightly springy, clenching your muscles will move the Hugo tighter against you, which provides an intense experience of both ends, I could happily work my muscles this way all day.

The almost unlimited spectrum of vibration intensity’s and patterns the Hugo delivers is pretty impressive but it’s not the only toy that has this level of custom-ability. What’s really novel about the Hugo is the 4 axis controller – which you simply tilt to modify the vibrations. It’s a welcomed addition, making solo play more comfortable as you don’t have to keep reaching around yourself to turn it up and down or change patterns. The connection between the two is fine, and reaches from end to end of the longest room at our disposal.

The feedback is a little delayed to the toy, which is more frustrating for the controller than the controlled (unless the vibrations are hiked right up by ”accident”). The vibrations range from almost un-noticeable to, at times, unbearable in their strength.  It certainly covers all the bases in between with regards to strength, but Gyn assures me (YES, YES I DO) that it’s almost all buzz and no rumble and wasn’t particularly impressed when she used the Hugo on herself (despite it comfortably reaching both clit and G-spot).

In theory the controller enables you to keep someone on the edge, blow there brains and keep going or simply just have a relaxed pleasure session, all with very minimal effort, in reality the delay is too long for you to keep someone on the edge well as it doesn’t respond quick enough.  The plug works without the controller, but only the patterns can be scrolled though, which are all set on the same vibration level. Basically the remote is where it’s AT and even allows you to thud out your own pattern when you shake it. The Hugo and its remote are a novel combination, they’re fun together and best of all you don’t need a set of instructions to pilot it, simply plug and play.


My Final thoughts on the Hugo

The Hugo’s potential audience is huge, singles and couples alike (AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN). If you (or one of your sexual partners) own a prostate, don’t have anything similar and like the idea of a motion sensor control, GET IT. . Ultimately it’s a great toy and I doubt you would regret purchasing it… admittedly the price does hinder the above statement somewhat. It’s eye watering-ly expensive.

I’d happily give the Hugo an 8 out of 10, the novelty is great, the quality is great but it’s just missing that something special (mind blowing) that would make it a go-to toy.  If you want to compare the Hugo it to some of the best prostate massagers you can here or you can also read Mr. Will’s prostate massager guide.

You can buy the Lelo Hugo from the official lelo site.



**This item was sent to me for review by MEO. Not all of the products on the MEO site are body-safe and I feel duty-bound to remind you to only buy products (intended for internal use) that are made of body-safe materials and have flared bases if the intention is to use them anally. **