L’amourose Denia 8/10

The Denia is a dual stimulator with a difference, it has shaken off the overplayed rabbit style in favour of a wide flat base, and a full clitoral shaft rather than ears (which can be hit and miss for a lot of vulvas). As with all Lamourose products it’s been designed as a high end luxury product, and it really shows in its presentation and the price tag.

It’s well known that Lamourose have mastered rumbly vibrations so having had trouble in the past with buzzy toys making me numb before I can cum and considering my lazy adoration for dual stim toys I knew I needed to own the Denia.


The packaging is beautiful, but it’s also somewhat excessive, with a black outer card box with a very faint image of the Denia and the logo, and then a solid keep-sake box inside, with just the embossed logo on it. I don’t keep my packaging so it does feel quite wasteful, especially as the Denia comes with a satin lined drawstring bag that both feels luxurious and is completely adequate for long term storage. It comes with a beautiful charging dock which doubles as stand to display the Denia and an 18 month warranty card.

The Denia itself is covered in a silky smooth and perfectly seamless silicone. The base is black plastic moulded into a prismed design, it’s a nice touch and makes it sturdy when standing upright. The toy is waterproof and sports two tiny charging pads on the base which allow it to charge on its dock without any need for insertion holes. You’ll need to charge it on arrival, the light will slowly flash when you’ve got it on the dock correctly. After a few hours the light will switch to constant signalling that it is fully charged.


There are three buttons, the middle one changes the 9 patterns, holding the + turns it on and holding the – turns it off, (as well as increasing and decreasing the strength of which there are 12 levels).


Lamourose state that the Denia sports ‘Flex and Shift’ technology, which as far as I can tell just means that the shaft and clitoral arm aren’t completely fixed, but I certainly wouldn’t call the Denia flexible. I found that I need a lot of lube (despite its smooth silicone) and to firmly pull the clit arm up to insert the Denia. There’s defiantly a technique to it, my first attempt took almost five awkward and frustrating minutes.

The first thing you will notice once the Denia finally slips into place, is the lack of room between the shaft and the clit arm, obviously this will differ slightly person to person, but I found it was a very tight fit. So much so that I can stand up with the Denia in, do some squats, maybe even a cartwheel or two. I think the clamp like effect is caused by a mix of minimal flexibility, lack of room between the shaft and arm and the way both lean towards each other.

It’s a lot to get used too, and if you don’t like firm pressure on your clit, you are probably going to fall-out with the Denia pretty quickly. But I’m always mashing my clit hard with bullets, so I easily forgave the Denia for its clingy ways. Besides the firm pressure isn’t just from the clitoral arm, the shaft also leans inwards exerting a fair amount of pressure on your g-spot, which is a huge plus point for me. I think the long wide head will make the shaft a universal success as it will cater well to different g-spot heights.

I don’t have to hold the Denia in place, but it’s still comfortable to hold the base if I want to which is a vast improvement on traditional rabbit handles that can be a pain to hold at that awkward angle. I like to sit up on the bed and rock back and forth on the base. Which would be impossible if this had a traditional handle. I can’t really thrust at all with the Denia, but I don’t think it’s even remotely necessary as it has so much else to offer.


I cant even begin to describe the noise that I made when I first turned the vibrations on, I’m not sure it was even human. The vibrations are deep, intense and super RUMBLY. And due to the design they are completely focused on where they need to be. I now always start the Denia off with just the clitoral arm on so as not to overwhelm myself. It’s one of the patterns and it’s a winning factor for me being able to change to have either the shaft or arm on instead of both.

My biggest irk with the Denia is that it’s not easy to change the settings once it’s inserted. The buttons are under the silicone and whilst there are raised symbols you can feel with your finger, I might as well have been attempting to read brail. I’ve lost count of the amount of times, I’ve wanted to turn the vibrations up to tip myself over the edge, and ended up switching to a pattern and ruining the moment.

I’ve had the Denia six months and still haven’t been able to reach the highest level, I’m no power queen, and it’s just far too strong past roughly level 7 (It’s difficult to differentiate the levels as they increase very marginally). The rumbly doesn’t disappear when you up the ante either unlike other toys that just progress into the buzzy zone. The Denia is NOT Whisper quiet, although the shaft seems to have the noisiest motor, so provided it’s inserted you will muffle the volume to a level that shouldn’t be heard through a closed door.

Cleaning is simple due to the completely sealed design, and the velvet lined bag keeps it dust free between uses. Sadly I find if I don’t use the Denia for two weeks, even if the charge was full at the time of putting it away, it will be dead when I next come to play. As someone who has zero organisational skills and a complete lack of forethought, this can be really frustrating, especially as the Denia is what I like to use when I have the Horn to a superbly distracting degree.

This Dual vibrator packs a serious punch, I’m happy to report that it’s stronger and rumblier than anything else in my toy-box, even beating the We-vibe tango by a dildo’s width. Despite the ‘flex and shift’ technology I found it really unforgiving when I was attempting to insert it and I think the overall tight clamped on feeling it creates won’t be to everyone’s taste. But it works for me, well enough that its become a ‘top drawer’ toy.  I think this luxury vibrator has run the risk of pricing itself right out of the market at over £130, but if mine disappeared tomorrow I know I’d have to buy another one.