How to Enjoy Quickie Sex Better

Quickies are great to have, but not all people enjoy them, especially women. Men have no problem with getting it on wham-bam-thank you ma’m style, but women are not built that way. Majority of women need lots of foreplay to have an orgasm, and quickies do not give them that luxury. Quickies are usually just for men to enjoy.

But there are still ways for women to enjoy quickies as much as men. The trick is to “prepare” for quickies. I know it sounds weird and totally defeats the idea of quickies in the first place, but why let these opportunities go to waste and let the men have all the fun? Here are some ideas to help you arrange a quickie encounter with your partner.

Spot your location

Just like in real estate, location is everything when it comes to quickies. Popular spots for some quick and hot sex are the backyard, kitchen, living room, bathroom, inside the train or airplane, swimming pool or hot tub, or inside the office. Choose the location that will best provide privacy but has fair chances of the two of you getting caught. This is imperative, since it adds more excitement to the act.

Agree on a signal

It should be something that only the two of you will know about and totally necessary if you going to invite for a quickie in a public place. Discreet hand signals will do or you can use magic words to signify your intentions.

Try to keep the basics on hand

Accept it, women need lubes for more pleasurable sex. And you also need condoms and sanitizers for hygiene concerns. If you are planning a quickie in the shower, place some silicone lubricants in there beforehand. If you plan to do it in the office, make sure to have some condoms in the drawer.

Turn the sexy on before doing the quickie

If you are planning to corner your man for some quickie later on, why not start the party earlier? Spend the earlier part of the day making yourself feel sexy. Wear something nice and put on yummy smelling perfume. Listen to sexy music to get yourself in the mood. Leave him sexy messages on his phone or email. Watch some porn before meeting him later. These will help you get wet and ready for him so you can get an orgasm in your quickie session.