Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Are you growing tired of your toy collection, the highest level of vibration on your favorite toy no longer doing the trick for you? Well, there’s good news, the Hitachi Magic Wand is known for out-vibing all the rest. Of course, that is probably why it has remained a king (queen?) of the massager world for decades. But that’s enough talk, let’s break this bad boy down to see what it really offers, who it was designed for, what you can do with it, what it excels in, and of course any downsides to using it.

Hitachi Magic Wand

What is the Hitachi (Original) Magic Wand?

The Hitachi Magic Wand was originally designed and developed in 1968 to be a powerful body massager to help reduce soreness in muscles, ease tension and help users relax after a long day. However, once Hitachi, a Japanese company launched the product in the United States it did not take long before it was popularized as an amazing tool for masturbation during the sex-positive movement that took place in the late 1960s.

Today, the product has been renamed multiple times (Magic Wand Original, Original Magic Wand, and simply Magic Wand) because of company values after being used sexually in Sex in the City (2002 episode). The company wanted to stop production, but thankfully for all of us women was talked into simply renaming it and removing the company name!

Of course, it has been updated to stay with the times, and may have a different name, but when you say ‘Hitachi’ or ‘Magic Wand’ – the first thing many think about, if not all people who have heard of the company, is a naughty toy for pleasure. In a way, it still helps in relieving stress and tension, and oh so much more!


How big and heavy is it?

The wand itself measures 12-inches in length, giving users plenty of grabbing room. The head is 2.5-inches in diameter, which on its own is plenty of space to play with positioning, but there’s a growing number of attachments available too (we’ll get to this later). It is a bit heavier than your average toy at just under 2lbs, but that is to be expected with the larger size and more powerful motor.


How noisy is the wand?

With power comes noise, there’s no ways around that. So, if you are looking for something discreet and quiet, this may not be the toy for you. The sound of a Hitachi Magic Wand has been compared to a kitchen appliance noise. Long as you’re not attempting to use it in the office bathroom, you may be okay.

How much power does it really have?

Are you kidding? Power is what this thing was built for! It was designed to massage deep into your shoulders, back, and other sore muscles. Depending on the exact model, the speeds range between 2,700 RPM to 6,300 RPM (Rechargeable 4 Speed Magic Wand) or 5,000 RPM and 6,000 RPM (Original Hitachi Magic Wand). Put it this way, it’s so powerful that one of the leading complaints is cumming too quick.

Because of this, the head is larger, similar to a baseball in size and not designed to fit inside the vagina. Again, there are attachments for this, let’s take a look at those.

Hitachi Magic Wand with Charger

What type of attachments are available?

There are various types of attachments to the Hitachi wand, which is great due to the design of the wand itself being limited to external use. The real question is, which attachment should you check out first? Keep reading to learn about some of the more common types of wand attachments, then you can make that decision for yourself.

Also, many people ask if attachments fit both the older and newer versions of the wand. The answer is yes, because the head is the same across the board – so let’s get to it!


  1. Tri-Gasm

This attachment has a multi-purpose design. It stimulations the clit, while being inserted in the vagina and anal regions for maximum pleasure. It kind of resembles a shark with a fin if you look just right.

It is made from TPE which is latex and phthalate free.

The vaginal section measures 1.5” wide head and 5/8” wide shaft with a 3” length. The anal section measures 2” in length and 1” head and ½” shaft. The clit stimulator is 1.25” in diameter.

  1. Silicone G-Spot Thriller

When attached to the wand, this one kind of resembles a propeller, but it feels amazing! It provides the ultimate stimulation, which is why it made this list.

It is made from silicone to ensure safety and easy cleaning. It is also hypoallergenic and Phthalate free. Always use silicone safe lube with this one though, or it could cause damage to the toy.

The insertable length measures 3.25” so it hits the G-spot. However, it also has a 1.5” wide tip with round dots to help spread the vibration throughout your most sensitive areas.

  1. Thrill Cap

Unique in design, this silicone-based attachment slips over the head of your wand for a feeling just as unique as it looks. Produced by Wand Candy, it has a lime green color that’s sure to brighten any mood as the small nubs tease you all over, increasing your pleasure experience.

It is made from silicone that is hypoallergenic and Phthalate free, making it simple to clean. Silicone safe lube should be used for this attachment as well.

  1. Hummingbird

This is a rather straight forward attachment. It is a massage tube for ‘his’ masturbation. That’s right, the wand is no longer exclusive for the ladies, there are options for guys too! This one fits the majority of wand versions, which is why it has made the list, along with the intense feeling of course. The tube has a nubbed design to increase sensations as you or your partner stroke it.

It is designed using TPE making it latex and phthalate free. It is also easy to clean up.

This attachment measures 1.25” wide and 3.25” in length for a good coverage. Although, for those with larger girth it may not be the right choice.

  1. Straight Up Thriller

If you are looking for a simple, yet effective attachment the Straight Up Thriller is perfect. It provides stimulation to the inner and outer areas with the power of your wand. It is also simple to slip over your wand head.

It is made from premium silicone, phthalate free and hypoallergenic. It is also easy to clean, but only use silicone safe lube.

It measures a total 6.5” inches, with 3.75” insertable. The girth is 3.75” with a 1” width.

  1. G-Curve Thriller

Another simple design, similar to the previous attachment, the G-Curve Thriller has a curved member for reaching areas a ‘straight’ member just can’t hit. This is also a popular option for couple play.

This one is also designed with premium silicone, making it easy to clean and of course hypoallergenic and phthalate free.

This one measures similar to the ‘Straight Up’ design, 6.5” in length with 3.75” insertable. However, the girth ranges from 1” to 4”.

Control Button

Who is the Magic Wand best for?

Anyone looking to go to experience stronger orgasms and taking things to the next level. The Hitachi is great for solo masturbation or using on a partner. Because of the motor being louder than average, it is best for those looking for a toy to use in the bedroom, or in situations where being quiet and discreet is not needed.


Risk of desensitization?

Because of having stronger vibrations, this is a common question with this toy, is there risk of desensitizing leading to problems with orgasm or damage? Let’s talk about that…

Unless damaged or faulty, vibrators and massagers do not cause long-term or permanent desensitizing. Toys are a sensation-based product, meaning like with other forms of sensations, the body and mind can become familiar and adjust to the sensation. Therefore, with constant use the brain becomes ‘used to the feeling’.

For instance, after using the Hitachi against your clit for several minutes, other toys may not have much effect right away. However, once you’ve given a period of time for things to rest up you’ll still get the sensations from other toys.




There is a really long list of pros that could be talked about. For instance, the power level is beyond anything an average vibrator offers. It offers a powerful vibration in a way only the Hitachi can provide. This baby doesn’t run off batteries, it plugs directly into the wall to ensure it has the required power at all times, and never goes dead on you during sessions. This is great because you won’t stress over being right at climax when it cuts out.

When you get tired of using it as an external toy, there are many options available in the form of attachments that allow you to insert it vaginally or anally. There are also attachments to enhance male masturbation too!

When you are not using the wand for sexual pleasure, you can use it as a full body massager as it was originally designed for. Making it a great toy and/or tool to have in the line up for either your health or the toy box.


Although a great toy, there are some downsides to the toy. There are women who have complained it is to powerful for them which results in them to get off too fast. This really isn’t the type of toy you simply grab and expect to last a while using, it is more of a finisher or ‘go hard or go home’ type of toy.

Another common complaint is the noise level. This is caused by the stronger motor, but has been referred to the amount of noise a kitchen appliance makes. It really isn’t for discreet pleasure, as the humming remains louder than average when pressed against the body as well.



In the end, the Hitachi Magic Wand is an amazing product both sexually and non-sexually. It literally offers a full body massage from neck to legs, and everything between them. The head is about the size of a baseball, but if high powered internal pleasure is what you’re after there are plenty of attachment options available for any situation. Today, there are plenty of attachments available for both her, or him. From simple designs to complex and unique designs.

There are not as many attachments that focus simply on clitoral stimulation as the want itself is often the go-to option for this, but there are a few. Additionally, you can find attachments for vaginal insertion in a range of lengths, colors, widths, and girths available. Then there are the options for anal insertion, again in various options, or go all out and get a double penetration or even triple action attachment!

When it comes to the wand, it is a louder option compared to the majority of regular dildo vibrators. This is because of the more powerful motor. Additionally, some have issues of numbness after just a few minutes of use, but this does wear off shortly after use and is normal. There are women who have claimed the Hitachi Magic Wand works too well, by causing them to reach climax too quickly for it to actually be enjoyable, but many enjoy the fact it allows for quickly getting off. Plus, it means reaching climax more times in a short amount of time, if you’re into that sort of thing. Finally, the Hitachi is the type of toy you may want to warm up first, then use as this can help build anticipation, longer pleasures, and once you’ve used the Magic Wand for a while, you may need to rest!