Gyn’s Monthly Round-Up SEPTEMBER

I’m trying something new (SCARY) so please bear with me. This round up is quite literally in its infancy – I don’t mean its crawling around on the floor and randomly soiling itself, just that it’s got a lot of growing to do and I’m excited to see what will become of it. I’ve been so quiet this past month (sorry about that), I’m really struggling with my anxiety and just needed to spend some quality time with my bf and my cat. But this new post is coming to you with a promise; I’m going to try my best to do better.

There are so many things that I want to celebrate/moan about each month, but never enough time to give them each the full posts they deserve. So here’s the plan, I’m going to let you know, in ONE post what’s been going on each month. What I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and what I’ve hated with the fire of a thousand suns. To let you know what’s a-buzzing in the sex toy world and which other bloggers to check out. I’m also going to spam you with cat pic’s… because… Well, because I can.


So what happened in September in the sex toy world? Well ETO Show for one, I didn’t attend, although I was planning to – pesky anxiety got in the way. If you’re staring dumbfound at the letters ETO with zero clue as to what the fuck I’m taking about, it stands for Erotic Trade Only, its fore-mostly a magazine for those in the erotic trade industry but they also put on a show including an awards ceremony once a year.

What I missed was Doxy unveiling some new colours for their wands and a brand new bullet. If by some miracle I ever get to try either I’ll be sure to let you know where they feature on the awesomely-leg-shaking-scale.

Godemiche are also bringing out an attachment for the aforementioned Doxy wand and it looks like G-spot heaven.

The Satisfier Pro 2 (clit stimulation toy) seems to be gaining traction as a cheaper (possibly better) version of the Womanizer with an ever-so-slightly less tacky name too! Win-Win.

On the blog in June I reviewed the Helio, a reasonably priced dual-density dildo from Blush Novelties, it’s awesome but read the review to find out why my bf stole it from me.



Well the name on every bloggers pursed lips at the moment seems to be LELO. All thanks to their new advertising campaign, so I guess it’s safe to say that “any publicity is good publicity” is LELO’s new moto. If you don’t already know, LELO are a sex toy company that’s been around since the dinosaurs (obv not but they’re no spring chickens). They used to make wonderful luxury sex toys with pleasure in mind. Now they like to use gimmicks and dodgy marketing techniques. They disregard bloggers as whiney social justice warriors whilst making a known abuser the face of their new crowd funded condom line. It’s a disgusting way for a company to behave, but it seems like LELO have been on a slippery slope for a long time and at least now people know exactly how little they care about their customers.



June was Pride Month and so many wonderful people came together to celebrate it. Bloggers wrote new posts about finding happiness in their sexualities. Rainbow flags were flown. Basically love WON. I finally updated my About page to reflect my feelings on gender and sexuality and made a promise to myself that I would no longer ‘pretend to be straight’ just to avoid questions.



I’ve been writing a bloggers-than-rock post for three months, waiting for the moment when it’s done-enough to be published. But there’s always one more awesome blogger I need to write about and so it’s never finished. Here is the new plan, every month I’ll tell you about three bloggers you should definitely check out. The first of this month’s bloggers gave me the opportunity to review sex toys before I even had a blog, helping to cement my conviction that this was something I really could do. The second two both gave me advice when I asked for help setting up Echo Explores despite the fact that they were new to this too and I’m super grateful for it.

Cara Sutra is probably the most popular UK sex-blogger, am I aloud to say that? Too late.  There is a seriously bad-ass vibe on her site, but don’t be too afraid (unless you’re a worthless sub) she is absolutely lovely, and very interactive with her twitter followers too! With plenty of reviews, articles and images to browse through, I’ve spent hours devouring content on her site, and not a minute of it was wasted time. <3

Like Erotica? For relatable characters, captivating story lines and lots of super-sexy kink check out Scandarella, everything that Ella writes does things to me, downstairs things. Not only that but she also reviews sex toys, she’s a woman of many talents! Her honest, funny and chatty writing style makes me want to curl up with a cuppa and my laptop, like I’m reading emails from an old friend.

For kink heavy reviews written by a male sub with a superbly dry sense of humour, Subsmissives is an entertaining and captivating read. He reviews sex toys and BDSM implements that make me shiver with both fear and intrigue! This blog contains so many interesting and creative posts from the point of view of a male sub – as someone who is in a relationship with one it’s a great insight into the mind-set.



So what’s happening at Echo Explores for the rest of the month? Not much to be honest. I’m running away to Europe for the majority of it. I plan to swim in lakes, fuck in the woods and enjoy the sun in ‘barely there’ clothing. I’ll keep twitter up to date with my exploits if you fancy living vicariously through me 😛

There will hopefully be a new Echo Explores post up soon on a subject I’ve become very passionate about in the last six months. I don’t want to say too much, but hunghhh, mmmm and YESSSSSSS pretty much sum up my feelings on the post so far.

There is probably only going be one sex toy review up this month and the honour goes to the Fun Factory Share, a toy that has completely changed our sex lives – FOR THE AWESOM-ER!


Thanks for taking the time to read my mish-mash of thoughts!

Echo x