Godemiche Adam 6/10

Godemiche, like me, are the new kids on the block, they may not have many types of sex toys available yet, but they are certainly starting as they mean to go on. All of their sex toys are made of Platinum silicone, and come in all sorts of colours, patterns, and mixes so that you can have a sex toy that’s completely suited to your individual style. They’re main design Adam is a simple dildo, that’s slightly larger than average in girth with a super pronounced coronal ridge.

It was no easy feat but I eventually chose for myself one of their bi-pearlescent designs in black and silver. It had a touch of static about it when it first arrived – minus any real packaging. Which is a pro as far as this eco warrior is concerned, I just bin or recycle it anyway, so it saves me wondering what the recycle truck workers must think of me.


The colouring is fucking unreal, I could stare at this dildo for hours, it is truly is pearlescent. Shiny, sparkly, metallic, it’s an eye catching colour combination and the pour whilst completely random has mixed in a beautiful pattern that appears so layered you almost get a 3D depth effect to the colour.

To me the Adam is both realistic and really not at the same time, obviously there’s no REAL multi-coloured sparkly penis’s out there (which truly is a crying shame) but I’ve also never seen a cock this straight, evenly round or with such a large pronounced head. Godemiche do claim the Adam is modelled on real genitals (UPDATE it’s modelled on one of the company owners genitals) but the lack of veins, and general crispness of the design make me think a lot of artistic licence was used to clean up the Adam and make it so straight and smooth.

My Adam has been made with medium density silicone, I’d be tempted to call it firm though, as you can flex the shaft slightly but there’s no ‘squish’.  It was my first real indicator that me and Adam might not get on so well after all. I do so love my squishies.

Now lets get down to business. Dildo in Vagina business. I used a water based lube with this, apparently Give Lube Silicone is also fine if you like to use silicone based lubes but don’t try any other brands unless you don’t mind disfiguring your Adam. Most of time I warm up before using this dildo with something slightly less girthy, the times I don’t I find Adam to be a nightmare to insert. More so than usual anyway. Thusly I would NEVER recommend the Adam to someone new to dildos.

What makes the Adam a ‘pain in my vagina’ to insert is that very pronounced coronal ridge. It just doesn’t go in smoothly, it snags on my entrance and then scrapes my pubic bone painfully. I’m actually scared to play with the   Adam most of time because of that horrible ‘grazing my pubic bone’ sensation. Now I should clarify that my pubic bone is one antsy motherfucker anyway. But it’s never been this irritated by a silicone dildo before.

Once past my pubic bone the Adam is not a problem, there’s limited thrusting potential though as I need the head to stay the hell away from my pubic bone. Here past the painful bits, Adams head is much more welcome, the ridge provides a not so gentle reminder to the g-spot that I have a dildo inside me, which is great as it doesn’t normally register straight dildos.

When I’m sopping wet and ready, fucking myself with the Adam is good. It’s got all the girth I need, and the side of the head keeps up the stroking on my g-spot. I can, and do cum from the Adam, and that’s quite a feat for a straight dildo, however orgasming comes at a terrible price. Tight after-orgasm vaginal muscles make removing the Adam another challenge I don’t want to rise too. Unfortunately leaving it there isn’t an option.

My swollen muscles pull the Adam closer against my pubic bone to the point where it feels like it’s stuck and I genuinely dread moving it for fear of that awful scraping sensation. The Coronal ridge regularly hook’s itself on my pubic bone when I try to pull it out, and it hurts! I’ve found turning the Adam around so the head is upside down helps a lot, and now use the technique for insertion too, just making sure I swivel it back around once it’s in.

The base is flared enough for anal use, if you’re feeling brave. But I don’t find it quite wide enough to sit well in a strap on, the chunky base also hinders this use somewhat.

Cleaning the Adam isn’t too much of a bother, after all Godemiche do say you can ‘put in the dishwasher’? I don’t, besides the fact that I do not own one, I wouldn’t put it in with plates, and would never have enough dildos to wash at any one time that turning it on wouldn’t be a huge waste of water and electricity. The slit in the head is a juice collecting nightmare, so don’t forget to give that extra attention when cleaning.

When I bought mine there was only one size of the Adam dildo available, there is now a longer almost 8 inch version but since 6 inches is the very most my vagina can handle on a good day, I think I’ll give it a miss.

The biggest problem with the Adam, is still deciding which colour/pattern/mix you want, or deciding whether it’s worth permanently breaking the bank and buying every single design available. Honestly I considered it for longer than second. The runner up problem (And less superficial of the two) would have to be that I often find the coronal ridge not just intense but painful too. I think it’s just over-pronounced considering the Adam is made of such solid silicone.

“Our goal isn’t to break the mould, but recolour it, restyle it and make you fall in love again with your dildo.” Godemiche.

So have they achieved their goal? Well they’ve certainly created a fantastic range of colour options and some really unique designs like Qube and the Mon Amour, but have I fallen in love with Adam? Well… No, there’s some seriously strong ‘like’ going on up in my head, but I’m sad to say that since looks aren’t everything I don’t think that I’ll ever truly love the Adam.

I got mine direct through the Godemiche but many other retailers also sell the Adam including Lovehoney and SheVibe (for any American/Canadian readers.)


UPDATE – Godemiche have been busy… being very shitty on social media. I no longer support them as a company, heres a link to a post that explains why. I’ll keep these reviews up, as I know some people will still want to buy their products and I want everyone to be able to make an informed decision 🙂