Doxy Die Cast Review – Polished Silver 8/10


Large, magnificent and powerful. If masturbation was a battle, the Doxy would be an obvious weapon of choice. Often hailed as the champion of orgasms, a holy grail of not just wands but sex toys in general. It’s no wonder that so many people desire a Doxy and no surprise that those lucky enough to own one often swear by it.

Even though I’ve been burned a few times by things I was “certain to love”, past disappointment just couldn’t curb my excitement when I got my hands on a Doxy Die Cast. I immediately hugged its minimalist white box to my chest claiming I’d never let it go, then took to twitter to excitedly reveal my newest acquisition, as one does.

The Doxy Die cast feels weighty in my hands, its substantial body screams of quality and functionality. Unsurprisingly it’s a fair amount heavier than the original Doxy. It’s also heavier than every other wand/toy I own (although not put together, that would outweigh a small elephant).  The perfectly polished aluminium/titanium alloy can be jarring to touch when it’s cold (which is often) but even that doesn’t put me off stroking it’s shiny, super smooth shaft.


Generally I despise excessive packaging and sex toy storage ‘cases’. If I stored all my toys in the packaging they were sent in I’d be able to build a life-size fort with them. It also really bugs me that I’ve essentially had to pay extra for something I didn’t want and that is probably going in the bin. HOWEVER… I like this case, it is the exception to the RULE. It’s simple and there’s no obvious ‘sexy’ logo’s. Besides, there is no way I’m letting this beauty get scratched and there aren’t many sleeve/pouches big enough to fit the beast inside.

The design of the Doxy Die-cast is not overly fussy and with three bulky buttons its a dream to use. I love the size, feel and blue-glow of the them, it makes it super easy to find them in the dark or when  attention is needed elsewhere. The super looooooooooong lead/cord means I can plug in and use the Doxy anywhere in my bedroom. I thought I would hate having a lead attached to a sex toy but so far it really hasn’t been a problem, I’m clearly not the bedroom gymnast I though I was.

The silky smooth silicone head feels great against my vulva and covers the entire area, from clit to the bottom of my vaginal opening. I do really like having my opening stimulated – it just doesn’t have the ability to get me off as I need clitoral stimulation too. The Doxy really solves that for me, covering all bases perfectly and without needing awkward angles or multiple toys!

Switching the Doxy on is… an experience. I suggest turning it on before you put it on the area you want to stimulate as it does not start on the lowest setting! I would also suggest you have the house to yourself if your trying to be discreet because this wand gets pretty loud after the first few settings! There are eight speeds on the Doxy and I (a power lover) can only use the first three… comfortably, that is.

The lowest setting is ridiculously rumbly but just slightly lacks enough power and directness to get me off ‘readily’. With the right attachment (allowing me to pinpoint the sensations to my clit) I think that first setting would more than do the job!  Switching up to the second level theres a jarring change in the vibration type, from deliciously rumbly to all fucking guns blazing!

Unfortunately, the lowest setting is where the best rumbles are found – from there each setting gets progressively less rumbly. It’s a sad and common trend I’ve found in most sex toys. Each increment doesn’t disappoint in terms of power though, jumping from strength to strength quite spectacularly. Make no mistake this is by far the most powerful toy I own. Unfortunately the higher settings straight up HURT,even just holding the head in the palm of my hand hurts!

The Doxy is by no means ‘buzzy’ in the same way a cheap bullet is. It doesnt have that half-dead-bee, trapped in a container feel to it but it puts out so much power on the mid-higher settings that the rumble just doesn’t seem able to keep up. Honestly, it could really do with a tiny bit more rumble and tad less power (in my humble vulva’s opinion).

Since we are on the topic of bad points, I’m not sure if my Doxy has been possessed by the devil but the head has a habit of spinning around like something from the exorcist. It happens after setting four and spins so forcefully on the higher settings I can’t even hold it still with my hand. Even my masturbatory-habit of pushing the head against me so hard I worry I might break its neck doesn’t stop the spinning.

The neck of the Doxy flex’s with me when I push the wand against me forcefully (so as too rumble my entire pubic bone) but I know it snapping is a very real possibility and sometimes something inside it grinds, noisily! Fingers crossed my Doxy lives a long and neck-injury-free life folks!

The Doxy Die-cast is also flaming hard to use with lube-y hands since it’s super smooth body becomes super slick and slippery. That might not always be a problem – I personally am often completely clothed and lying on my couch when I jack off Doxy-style but when I’m playing with a partner in bed you can bet there is an abundance of lube everywhere!

So how do I rate the Doxy Die-cast and should you just get the cheaper original Doxy? Well, it’s pretty damn great, and lots of fun to press against a partner or friends perineum when your Dom-ing them. It’s also a pretty damn efficient masturbatory tool, getting me off in under 5 minutes (using only the first three settings). It’s very nearly knocked my beloved Tango off the top spot! It’s silicone non-porous head and sleek metal body give it the edge (for me) over the original but if you struggle with heavy toys it might be one to avoid (unless you have a helpful partner to hold it or would be interested in making yourself a rope wand holder).

The Doxy Die-cast retails at roughly £149.99 ($200) and can be found here at WilderSides