Do I have a Fetish for Taboo Fetishes?

Taboos turn me on. And that’s hard because I like to think of myself as very kink positive, as long as someone’s kink or fetish wasn’t genuinely morally corrupt I’d never dream of demonising them for having it. I would love a world in which I could talk as openly about fucking my boyfriend in the ass when I’m having a few drinks in the pub with close friends as he could talk about fucking me, but I can’t see us getting the same reaction any time soon. Until the world breaks down the stigma surrounding certain kinks I reserve the right and the ability to get ridiculously massively turned on by these ‘Taboos’. By fetishes most people would faint at the mere whisper of, by lesser known kinks that are considered too filthy even for the kinkiest of kink-sters. It’s quite often not even the acts themselves that I am interested in, it is solely the general disapproval surrounding them that gets me hot under the collar and wet between the legs. I’ve read many stories of people who get-off on strange and unlikely things. It’s not always something I WANT to take part in, I have very little interest in the actual real life processes, but reading and thinking about it… YEP. It does bad things to me in the best sense.