♦ It’s dark out now when I come home. Soon, it will be dark when I leave in the “morning”. Winter is Coming and the air is getting chill. It feels like the end of the year is drawing close and night becomes a bigger part of our routine.

But it’s not all bad, of course. Night time has its own charms, not least of which are the stars wheeling overhead. I was once a country girl and could pick out individual distant suns each clear night. I had a favourite constellation and everything. I love the stars, the constellations and the vastness of space hanging above our heads.

I miss them sometimes, living in the city now. So this week for Toy With Me Tuesday I decided to use some new toys to create my own starscape in the blackness…

In this picture you can see:

1) At the back, Floggermeister‘s take on a Cuban quirt, which is made from a recycled tyre. It’s a wonderful, ethical toy which makes a hell of slap and sting. In fact, I’ve taken to calling mine the Lazy Twist because of the incredibly tiny amount of effort Crush has to put into it to get me to yelp and cry “Uncle”. (Not that my safeword is Uncle, but you get my drift) I think part of it is down to the fact that he makes it connect in a different place to where I did on my test run. Such an effective toy and so unique too. I love the recycled ingenuity.

2) Just under that, an uncoloured leather paddle from Leather Delights. As you’ll have seen me say before in a review for them, Leather Delights’ products smell amazing. I think they quite honestly dragged me out of the leather closet before I even knew I was in it. I bought this paddle because it’s simple and classic and felt like it’d suit me. I love the natural leather look and it feels great.

3) At the front, the main, ahem, star of the show, a suede flogger with a wooden handle, also from Leather Delights. I plan to do a colour photo of it soon, because it’s gorgeous in colour, but it was striking like this too! The falls are a royal blue and those little stars? Tiny, shiny holographic blue. So sparkly! I’ll be honest. I mostly bought it for the sparkly. But after using it, it’s definitely a new favourite too!

All these things (and more, in fact) were bought at my trip to Cardiff’s first fetish market O Cardiff! I’m currently writing a blog about it to be posted soon, because it was a great event. Fantastic day. So keep your eyes open for that. Anyway, quite enough rambling from me. You came here for the toy pictures. I just wanted to explain what they were since they’re not the off-the-shelf common garden variety! Hope you like my own little starscape. ♦