Common Concerns About Vibrators

Lower settings can actually prolong and improve orgasm

Most people use the strongest vibration settings when doing some self-loving. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you may experience orgasms that are too quick for your liking. You may also have trouble getting orgasms as well. By simply using a lower setting on your vibrator, you can make your pleasuring last longer and build yourself up to a powerful orgasm. Strong vibrations can be a bummer for those who have sensitive skin. Lower vibrations can bring just the right stimulation for an awesome orgasm.

Vibrators do not last very long

Don’t expect vibes to last like, years especially if you are a super regular user. Check out the warranty of your vibe to make sure. There are certain models that last longer than others but they don’t last forever no matter how much you take care of them. You can only prolong the shelf life. The wear on the motor and the fluids that come in contact with the surface will eventually do your vibrator in.

Cyberskin is getting a lot of love these days, is it worth the hype?

Yes, if you are after a toy that feels like real skin. Just touch the toy to feel the difference. Granted, cyberskin toys can be a bit tricky to clean, but the effort is worth it for the terrific feeling of skin that it can give.

You might even move on to anal toys.