Best Locations to Meet Women

A lot of men go to bars and clubs to be able to pick up women. This is not a problem if you are indeed looking for just a hook up, but if you are looking for women who are girlfriend or spouse material, then get the hell out of those noisy clubs and steer yourself into other directions. Remember that people in the club present only their superficial selves and not their real personalities, which are hard to decipher in the midst of ditsy clothing, bling, and bass-pounding music. I will tell you some of the best places where you can meet real women who can be your potential partner.

Through friends

Still the best way to meet women, as far as I’m concerned. The next time that a friend asks you to go to a baptismal or wedding, do not make an excuse just to flake out. Take the chance and show up in your best clothing. I know many people who met their partners or spouses through a common friend’s wedding. It can happen to you too, so don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it. A great benefit of meeting someone through friends is you can find out what that person is really like, so they can either vouch for her personality or tell you that she’s trouble and that you should look for someone else.

House parties

This is related to the item above. Friends often invite friends to their house parties, where you can meet a lot of people without having to deal with the superficialities in clubs. Here you get to see the women in their more relaxed state, because house parties are more chill than the club scene. Here you can actually engage in sensible conversation. If you can swing it, why not organize a house party yourself? This way, everyone will get a chance to meet you, including that girl who can be girlfriend potential.

Public transportation

If you don’t have a car, it’s not the end of the world. Instead of bemoaning your car-less existence, why not look at the bright side? When you commute, you get to see lots of people. And believe it or not, there is a chance that you can encounter someone who is partner potential. Increase your chances by offering your seat to a lovely lady who is standing in front of you, or offering to help her with her heavy luggage. These chance meetings can turn into something wonderful if only you will take the risk.

How to Enjoy Quickie Sex Better

Quickies are great to have, but not all people enjoy them, especially women. Men have no problem with getting it on wham-bam-thank you ma’m style, but women are not built that way. Majority of women need lots of foreplay to have an orgasm, and quickies do not give them that luxury. Quickies are usually just for men to enjoy.

But there are still ways for women to enjoy quickies as much as men. The trick is to “prepare” for quickies. I know it sounds weird and totally defeats the idea of quickies in the first place, but why let these opportunities go to waste and let the men have all the fun? Here are some ideas to help you arrange a quickie encounter with your partner.

Spot your location

Just like in real estate, location is everything when it comes to quickies. Popular spots for some quick and hot sex are the backyard, kitchen, living room, bathroom, inside the train or airplane, swimming pool or hot tub, or inside the office. Choose the location that will best provide privacy but has fair chances of the two of you getting caught. This is imperative, since it adds more excitement to the act.

Agree on a signal

It should be something that only the two of you will know about and totally necessary if you going to invite for a quickie in a public place. Discreet hand signals will do or you can use magic words to signify your intentions.

Try to keep the basics on hand

Accept it, women need lubes for more pleasurable sex. And you also need condoms and sanitizers for hygiene concerns. If you are planning a quickie in the shower, place some silicone lubricants in there beforehand. If you plan to do it in the office, make sure to have some condoms in the drawer.

Turn the sexy on before doing the quickie

If you are planning to corner your man for some quickie later on, why not start the party earlier? Spend the earlier part of the day making yourself feel sexy. Wear something nice and put on yummy smelling perfume. Listen to sexy music to get yourself in the mood. Leave him sexy messages on his phone or email. Watch some porn before meeting him later. These will help you get wet and ready for him so you can get an orgasm in your quickie session.

Satisfy Your Vampire Sex Fantasies with the Vamp Dildo

Admit it. All those vampire movies and TV shows featuring hot, fuckable vampires have aroused the fangbanger in you. Unfortunately, there are no Bill Comptons or Edward Cullens in real life with whom you can fulfill these fantasies. So do the next best thing and do some indulgent self-fucking with the Vamp Dildo, a sparkly toy that is the next best thing to actually fucking a vampire.

About the Vamp Dildo

This toy from Tantus is quite something to behold. The exquisite details make it look so life-like; looking at it is already a great erotic experience. It sparkles, especially when exposed to sunlight, which should satisfy those who long to fuck Edward Cullen the Sparkly Vampire. The size is not for those who want some humongous cock fucking, but this should be adequate enough for most. The head is beautifully sculpted and you will definitely feel it when inserted inside you. It has a flared base, which means you can use this vamp for anal play. The shaft is flexible enough so you can also use it for strap-on fun. Cleaning this baby is pretty standard; warm water and soap will do the trick, although you can also boil it for thorough sterilization.

Temperature control

Another great thing about the Vamp is you can use it for temperature play. The material of the toy retains hotness and coldness well. Just put it in the fridge or dunk in hot water for varied sensations. And oh, did we mention that the Vamp is actually affordable? Check out the price to confirm, you will discover that this toy is great value for money.

If you have any concerns about vibrators, read this.

Too Fat or Too Thin to Have Sex?

One of the worst excuses that some men and women make for not enjoying sex is that they are either too fat of too thin. In other words, they have such a negative image of themselves that they opt to deprive themselves of pure, unadulterated pleasure.

What a shame. The more common excuse is being too fat. Throughout the Western world, obesity is becoming a serious health problem. But that’s exactly what it is, a health problem. A man or woman may be a little or a lot overweight, but he or she remains that same person inside before developing the health problem.

Don’t hold back

The excess weight may turn them into introverts. They may avoid socializing, thereby depriving themselves of the chance to meet potential sex partners.

We humbly submit that they should first find out if they still enjoy sex. This is easy enough to find out. Do they still masturbate? Do they use sex toys? If they do, then clearly there’s nothing stopping them from having sex with another person.

We are not trivializing an important issue. Obesity is a problem, but there are many solutions. It will require a lot of  self discipline as well as qualified help from a professional, but in most cases, obese persons can lose enough pounds and inches to regain some of that lost self respect. It may be a long and difficult process, but the rewards will be worth the efforts.

In the meantime, they should keep on masturbating with their sex toys just to remind themselves that sex is always terrific, whether solo or with a partner.

Making Yourself Fulfilled by Using Anal Toys

Anal sex may not be an open topic compared to vaginal sex, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to shy away from trying it. We say, don’t knock it till you tried it. It is understandable that you may experience fear with the idea of anal penetration, but trust us, it can be something that you may want to incorporate on your regular sex routine and enjoy in the long run. To get some practice before doing the real thing, you can try using anal toys first.

You need to experience the unique stimulation provided by anal play

You may not be aware of it, but your anus is a source of great stimulation. Your backdoor has lots of nerve endings and blood vessels that makes it sensitive to anal play. For some, anal stimulation can be more intense than vaginal stimulation. If you combine it with clit stimulation, you can only imagine how intense the pleasure can be. Your anus can become an easy extension of your clitoris. When your genitals become aroused, your anus is included in the arousal as well. Why not take advantage of this extra sensation and stimulate it using butt plugs and anal beads, for starters?

Men can benefit greatly from anal stimulation. Since they don’t have vaginas that can accommodate penetration, their anus can act as an alternative orifice to replicate the sensation. Anal penetration can stimulate the prostate and bulb of the penis. Men can achieve great orgasms through prostate stimulation.

There is no need to be afraid of anal toys, especially if you are careful when it comes to using it.

It is true that the skin of the anus is very fragile and sensitive, which can make anal play painful and uncomfortable. But anal toys are made in such a way that it can be used safely for backdoor fun. The trick is to use them safely. See, you just don’t ram these toys up you ass, unless you are looking for pain and injury. Anal dildos and vibrators are made with flared bases so they won’t get lost somewhere in your rectum. Anal beads are equipped with strings that can be pulled out and keeps the beads in place. These toys are made of smooth material that will not scrape the skin of your anus. Use these toys with lots of lube and you will have a safe and very pleasurable anal play ahead.

Obviously if you’re buying anal toys, you want to keep your privacy.  You want to deal with only a professional organization so I recommend babeland. have coupon codes available – view them here.

Common Concerns About Vibrators

Lower settings can actually prolong and improve orgasm

Most people use the strongest vibration settings when doing some self-loving. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you may experience orgasms that are too quick for your liking. You may also have trouble getting orgasms as well. By simply using a lower setting on your vibrator, you can make your pleasuring last longer and build yourself up to a powerful orgasm. Strong vibrations can be a bummer for those who have sensitive skin. Lower vibrations can bring just the right stimulation for an awesome orgasm.

Vibrators do not last very long

Don’t expect vibes to last like, years especially if you are a super regular user. Check out the warranty of your vibe to make sure. There are certain models that last longer than others but they don’t last forever no matter how much you take care of them. You can only prolong the shelf life. The wear on the motor and the fluids that come in contact with the surface will eventually do your vibrator in.

Cyberskin is getting a lot of love these days, is it worth the hype?

Yes, if you are after a toy that feels like real skin. Just touch the toy to feel the difference. Granted, cyberskin toys can be a bit tricky to clean, but the effort is worth it for the terrific feeling of skin that it can give.

You might even move on to anal toys.

Let Your Man Know What Orgasm Is

It is not true that only the females have the G-Spot that can bring orgasm that goes beyond what the heavens can bring. Even men have the secret Holy Grail that can bring them to the depths of wonderful bliss. All you have to do is awaken it for them. So, if you are doing this for the first time, you might want to whip out your lubricant, vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys that you have. Give your man that wonderful orgasm he will never forget with adult toys.

The first thing that you should know about the male G-Spot is that is located some two inches within the anal opening. This means that, for your man to have that purePASSIONATE orgasm, you need to enter him with your finger, dildos, vibrators, or other adult toys. If he is not up for the challenge, tell him that the orgasm will be worth everything and that there is nothing wrong with what you are going to do. Also, you might want to use some lubricant to make things even better. Along the anal passage, there will be a chestnut-sized bump—this is the male G-Spot.

The secret to stimulating the G-Spot is having your man to relax. This way, his anal passageway will open more and it will be easier for you to enter him. You can use dildos, vibrators, or other sex toys to do the thing for you. Otherwise, you can have your clean fingers with your clipped fingernails do all the rubbing. Massage his perineum and anal opening to make him relax with the pleasure. There are adult toys that do this trick for you. However, it would not be all that difficult to do it by yourself, right? As you find his G-Spot, rub it gently while giving him oral sex. This is a surefire way to get him off with one unforgettable explosion.

Dildos, vibrators, or other sex toys may prove to be of help to you in this kind of activity. However, you can do things all by yourself. There will never be anything wrong once you do it. The purePASSIONATE secret lies in your hand. The male G-Spot orgasm is definitely another milestone in a man’s sexual expertise and he will definitely thank you for being there for him. After that, all adult toys can be nothing but tools for your mastery.

Marketing gimmick or extra pleasure?

Some commercially available vibrators come with multiple changeable heads which supposedly provide different pleasures depending on what the user fancies.

There are smooth heads, and textured heads. There are heads with single knobs, or with several knobs.

So what’s the truth?

The question is, do they really deliver different sensations, or are the buyers of vibrators just being asked to shell out more money for useless attachments?

The extra details for a higher price are also true for condoms, by the way. Plain condoms are slightly cheaper than ribbed condoms, with the latter first marketed with the catch phrase, “for her added pleasure.”

In the case of vibrators, the ribs or knobs or whatever extra feature might make a difference, but not much. It is precisely because they vibrate that vibrators supposedly beat out dildos as the best sex toy for women. When in use, the texture of the surface of the vibrator doesn’t make that much of a noticeable difference.

Are the very slight differences worth the extra bucks?

This is all a matter of personal preference.  What does make a difference is the speed at which vibrators vibrate. There is an optimum rate of vibration by which the user receives maximum pleasure, the kind that guarantees spectacular orgasms. That optimum rate varies from user to user.

The slow rate is ideal for building up excitement, but it is the faster rate that brings on the fireworks.

When you’re in the market for a new vibrator, study the literature in the packaging. Just as there are fast sedans and super fast sports cars, there are vibrators that offer more features than others. Varied vibrating speeds, different textures, even lower noise levels are just a few of the features that you can opt for in today’s vibrators.

Maybe your man needs help to help you orgasm.