babeland promo codes is my favorite adult store and I can help you save some money there the next time you go shopping.  Every babeland coupon below is tested and works.

Babeland coupons

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babeland are one of the biggest adult toy stores online.  You don’t get to be that big by not offering vibrators at great prices, having great customer service and ensuring that your privacy is maintained.  You should really only buy sex toys from reputable stores who have secure servers because you don’t want your information getting out into the public.  They’ve been in business a long time and they are a company that I trust.

Are you on the market for a new adult toy, be it a new sex toy or just something to help get you and your partner more in the mood, such as a sexy gift? No matter what the reason, Babeland has you covered and I am here to tell you just why that is.  That’s why I’m happy to use their coupons.

The history of the company

Babeland was started in 1993, that over 23 years ago, and they are still going strong and a very popular name in the sex toy industry. With a name like Babeland, who wouldn’t remember it, right? The first store was opened in Seattle by two lovely ladies who were just fed up with the poor selection of women-friendly sex shops they have available in the area.

Their store quickly became popular as they offered top of the line products, and it was pleasant to shop around their store too. But, sex toys are not all they offer and they now have a great website that is also just as easy and elegant to navigate. You will be able to easily find what you are looking for and more.

They also offer various information and encourage people to explore their sexual desires, after all, we all need to know what we want, right ladies? Don’t get me wrong, they have more than just female sex toys too, they also have stuff for the men, bondage items, gender expression, even a section for those who just enjoy massages.


For those who would prefer to touch and feel the product before buying, they have retail stores located around Seattle, New York and Brookland. You will be just as comfortable in their shop as being online, no one there judges anyone, they only encourage you.

babeland social media

They also have a social media presence, where they share all sorts of cool and interesting things that keep you wanting to come back in more ways than one. Babeland also has various events that are based on the individual store location too, so if you live by one of their stores you will want to keep tabs on what events they have coming up!  They even have great promo codes as well.

Overall, Babeland is a great website for anyone interested in looking for a new toy, rather you know what you want or not. If you are unsure of what you are wanting, then you will find the information provided and encouragement to try new things very satisfying, as I did. And they ship the products quickly too! If you live in New York, Seattle or Brookland, you can just go in and browse their selection and events, who knows you may find your new favorite store!

Popular products

Womanizer deluxe

Magic Wand

We-Vibe 4 Plus

Rabbit Habit Deluxe




fleshlight coupons

The Fleshlight is a super popular adult toy and using a fleshlight coupon can really save you some money.  Why pay full price when you can simply use a promo code and then use your saving somewhere else!

Fleshlight Coupon Codes – 2016

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The fleshlight can be purchased from as well.  You can find a coupon for babeland on this page.