Blush Novelties Real Nude Helio 8/10


When I heard about Blush Novelties Real Nude Collection I knew I had to get my hands on one of them! I moan all the time about how expensive sex toys are, “I’m poor but I’m still horny!” so seeing a collection of dual-density silicone dildos all complete with suctions cups for under £50 (Roughly) made me squeal with delight. I picked the Helio because I wanted to see if it would also work as a pegging dildo – it’s certainly slim enough to not send my boyfriend running a mile!

The packaging is simple, effective and entirely adequate. Any information you might need to know is on the back of the card slip and you even get a simple storage bag to keep it in. I love uncomplicated packaging!  The Helio even comes with an ‘antibacterial’ and lint free storage bag, for the record this is pretty convenient since most of my other bags do transfer fluff rather than protect from it.

The Helio is the second least girthy in the range at only 4.5” in circumference and can be brought in either this Indigo colour, Violet or Almond. Unlike its slightly unimpressive girth the Helio’s length stands tall at 7.5” but only 6” of that is insert-able (That’s still a good half an inch more than I need). The shape is mildly phallic but certainly abstract – there is a pleasant lack of realism whilst still managing to provide that pronounced head that my vagina craves.


The silicone is slightly tacky to the touch but still not as tacky as the Vixen Mustang. Its outer silicone layer is soft and squishy exactly as you would want it to be in a dual-density toy. The head is the squishiest part as the firmer silicone inner core doesn’t reach that bit. The Helio is completely flexible, bendable and foldable whilst still managing to hold its shape and stand upright. The dual-density is just as good as that of my Vixen dual-density dildos and at almost half the price I feel like Blush Novelties are already on to a winner here!

The other benefit with the Real Nude range is that the silicone is boilable and freeze-able, not only does that make for simple effective cleaning (Boil in large pan for a few minutes to sterilise) but it can add impressively to the sensations of the dildos during play. I’m not a great fan of chilly willies so I didn’t try the Helio cooled down, I have tried it warmed up though and it made playing far more intense – since it felt freakishly realistic inside of me.

In use (with some water based lube) the Helio is an enjoyable if slightly underwhelming ride. I do prefer my dildos slightly girthier for vaginal use, but the wider pronounced head did make up for this. Inserting the toy feels really good, my vaginal opening relishes the shape of the head as it slips in. Unfortunately the shaft design just doesn’t quite allow for good g-spot stimulation as the toy curves twice, sort of doubling back on what could have been a great g-spot curve.

I think I’ve found my A-spot using the Helio, I really enjoy playing with the soft long length of the Helio (no painful cervix jabbing) and it certainly bends towards the back of my inner wall where it hits a spot that feels really pleasurable.


The suction cup on the Helio is simply the strongest and most long lasting seal I have come across. It’s like THE HULK of suction cups. It makes for riding the dildo a lot easier, as does the extra length.

In use anally this dildo is on ANOTHER LEVEL! It’s now easily my boyfriend’s favourite dildo. If I offer to peg him he always brings out the Helio, its soft squidgy nature makes insertion and therefore changing positions a bit of a faff but it sits well in the harness and is super comfortable. All our other pegging dildos are quite solid and can quickly become uncomfortable if we fuck hard but we never have any problems like that with the Helio. After play time I’ve noticed that this dildo always find its way into his toy box rather than back in mine. Guess we know who it belongs to now…

I have to say the Helio has really impressed me despite the fact that its slender shaft isn’t able to sate my vaginas girth preferences. My boyfriend has whole-heartedly adopted the Helio, finding it to be the most comfortable anal toy to use. I’m now looking hungrily at the Suko and Ergo, safe in the knowledge that the whole line is made of the same fantastic dual-density silicone and all have these well designed super-powered suction cups!

I really love what Blush Novelties have created here, high quality, functional dildos in varying shapes, that won’t break the bank. If I wasn’t already committed to being naughty this year, I’d ask Santa for the rest of the collection!

Find Helio and the rest of the Real Nude range at Blush Novelties.